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November 2023: Volume 19, Issue 1

Introduction to Volume 19, Issue 1

by Bill Albert and Jim Lewis

Invited Essay: Hurricane Forecast Products Need a UX Makeover

by Barbara Millet

Remote UX Research in Unpredictable Times: Takeaways from Early Pandemic Practices

by Semih Danış, PhD, Gülşen Töre Yargın, PhD, and Sedef Süner-Pla-Cerdà, PhD

Nothing Matters: Design Testing for Reporting Zero in a Web Survey

by Anthony Schulzetenberg, Rachel Horwitz, Jonathan Katz, and Mary C. Davis

August 2023: Volume 18, Issue 4

Introduction to Volume 18, Issue 4

by Bill Albert and Jim Lewis

Invited Essay: Online User Reviews: A Treasure Trove of UX Research?

by Wonil Hwang

Designing User Interface Toggles for Usability

by Alyaa Al-Jasim and Prof Pietro Murano

Efficiently Engaging: Toward an Expansive View of Time on Task

by Lawrence H. Williams, PhD

May 2023: Volume 18, Issue 3

Introduction to Volume 18, Issue 3

by Bill Albert and Jim Lewis

Invited Essay: We Need to Talk About How We Talk About Accessibility

by Sarah Horton and Erin Lauridsen

Talking About Thinking Aloud: Perspectives from Interactive Think-Aloud Practitioners

by Liam O’Brien and Stephanie Wilson

UX in E-government Services for Citizens: A Systematic Literature Review

by Asma Aldrees and Denis Gračanin

February 2023: Volume 18, Issue 2

Introduction to Volume 18, Issue 1, November 2022

by Bill Albert and Jim Lewis

Invited Essay: Gran Got Tech: Inclusivity and Older Adults

by Robert M. Schumacher, PhD

The User Experience of Low-techs: From User Problems to Design Principles

by Clément Colin and Antoine Martin

A Comparison of SUS, UMUX-LITE, and UEQ-S

by Martin Schrepp, Jessica Kollmorgen and Jörg Thomaschewski

November 2022: Volume 18, Issue 1

Introduction to Volume 18, Issue 1, November 2022

by Bill Albert and Jim Lewis

Invited Essay: Building Capacity for UX

by Young Mi Choi

“The Era of Ferment:” How Practitioners and Educators Frame HCI

by Ann Austin, Jose Abdelnour Nocera, Torkil Clemmensen

Hey Google, Help Doing My Homework: Surveying Voice Interactive Systems

by Fatih Demir, Donho Kim, Eulho Jung

August 2022: Volume 17, Issue 4

Introduction to Volume 17, Issue 4, August 2022

by Bill Albert and Jim Lewis

Invited Essay: Reimagining the Role of Friction in Experience Design

by Jonathan Ericson

Deriving UX Dimensions for Future Autonomous Taxi Interface Design

by Madeline J. Hallewell, David R. Large, Catherine Harvey, Leah Briars, Jenna Evans, Madelaine Coffey, Gary Burnett

Program Stakeholders’ Experience of a UX Graduate Training Program

by Jin Kang and Audrey Girouard

May 2022: Volume 17, Issue 3

Introduction to Volume 17, Issue 1, May 2022

by Bill Albert and Jim Lewis

Editorial: Welcome to the Journal of User Experience

by Bill Albert and Jim Lewis

The Interplay Between Perceived Usability and Quality in Visual Design for Tablet Game Interfaces

by Uttam Kokil, MFA, PhD and Tracy Harwood, PhD

Drag-and-Drop Versus Numeric Entry Options: A Comparison of Survey Ranking Questions in Qualtrics

by Shaun Genter, Yazmín García Trejo, and Elizabeth Nichols

February 2022: Volume 17, Issue 2

Introduction to Volume 17, Issue 2, February 2022

by Bill Albert and Jim Lewis

Invited Essay: UX Standards and UX Maturity

by Bran Traynor

Deriving Personas to Inform HMI Design for Future Autonomous Taxis: A Case Study on User Requirement Elicitation

by Madeline J Hallewell, Nancy Hughes, David R Large, Catherine Harvey, James Springthorpe, and Gary Burnett

Analyzing and Visualizing the Criticality of Issues from Usability Tests

by Carolina Abrantes, MA, Óscar Mealha, Diogo Gomes, João Paulo Barraca, and Carlos Viana-Ferreira

November 2021: Volume 17, Issue 1

Introduction to Volume 17, Issue 1, December 2021

by Karen Cham, Raida Shakiry, and Carl Yates

Invited Essay: Dual Cognitive UXD and Explainable AI

by Bill Albert and Jim Lewis

Development and Use of Heuristics to Evaluate Neonatal Medical Devices for Use in Low-Resource Settings

by Jake Johnston, Elizabeth Asma, Claudia Ziegler Acemyan, PhD, Maria Oden, Rebecca Richards-Kortum, PhD, and Philip Kortum, PhD

Comparison of Select-All-That-Apply Items with Yes/No Forced Choice Items

by Jim Lewis, Ph.D and Jeff Sauro, PhD

August 2021: Volume 16, Issue 4

Introduction to Volume 16, Issue 4, May 2021

by Bill Albert and Jim Lewis

Essay: The JUS Top 10 Articles: 2005–2021

by Bill Albert and Jim Lewis

Labeling and Placement of the Logout Button in Mobile Surveys

by Shelley Feuer, Brian Falcone, Elizabeth Nichols, Erica L. Olmsted-Hawala, and Lin Wang

Usability of Access Codes

by Elizabeth Nichols, Erica L. Olmsted-Hawala, Sabin Lakhe, and Lin Wang

May 2021: Volume 16, Issue 3

Introduction to Volume 16, Issue 3, May 2021

by Bill Albert and Jim Lewis

Invited Essay: The Best of Times for UX Research, the Worst of Times for Usability Research?

by Jason Buhle, PhD

Creating Personas from Design Ethnography and Grounded Theory

by P. J. White and Frank Devitt

GCS: A Quick and Dirty Guideline Compliance Scale

by Lukas Lamm and Christian Wolff

A Review of Post-Study and Post-Task Subjective Questionnaires to Guide Assessment of System Usability

by Andrew Hodrien and Terrence Fernando

February 2021: Volume 16, Issue 2

Introduction to Volume 16, Issue 2, February 2021

by Bill Albert and Jim Lewis

Invited Essay: Learning to Recognize Exclusion

by Lesley-Ann Noel and Marcelo Paiva

Enhancing Card Sorting Dendrograms through the Holistic Analysis of Distance Methods and Linkage Criteria

by José A. Macías

Evaluating the Use of Persuasive Design Cards for Novice Designers

by Khadeeja Alkhuzai and Alena Denisova

Cultural and Linguistic Variables in Usability Testing: A Canadian Evaluation of International Students

by Joanie Ouellet, Jin Kang, and Audrey Girouard

November 2020: Volume 16, Issue 1

Introduction to Volume 16, Issue 1, November 2020

by Bill Albert and Jim Lewis

Invited Essay: No Interface? No Problem. Applying Human-Centered Design and HCDAgile to Data Projects 

by Carol Righi

Special Essay: In Memoriam—Dr. Thomas (Tom) S. Tullis

by Ann Chadwick-Dias

Validity of Three Discount Methods for Measuring Perceived Usability

by Ian Robertson and Philip Kortum

TrustDiff: Development and Validation of a Semantic Differential for User Trust on the Web

by Florian Brühlmann, Serge Petralito, Denise C. Rieser, Lena F. Aeschbach, and Klaus Opwis

Validation of the GUESS-18: A Short Version of the Game User Experience Satisfaction Scale (GUESS)

by Joseph R. Keebler, William J. Shelstad, Dustin C. Smith, Barbara S. Chaparro, and Mikki H. Phan

August 2020: Volume 15, Issue 4

Introduction to Volume 15, Issue 4, August 2020

by Bill Albert and Jim Lewis

Invited Essay: Usability Issues in Human-Robot Interaction

by Douglas J. Gillan

How Professionals Moderate Usability Tests

by Rolf Molich, Chauncey Wilson, Carol M. Barnum, Danielle Cooley, Steve Krug, Chris LaRoche, Beth A. Martin, Jonathan Patrowicz, and Brian Traynor

Positive Developments but Challenges Still Ahead: A Survey Study on UX Professionals’ Work Practices

by Yavuz Inal, Torkil Clemmensen, Dorina Rajanen, Netta Iivari, Kerem Rizvanoglu, and Ashok Sivaji

On the Usage of Cronbach’s Alpha to Measure Reliability of UX Scales

by Martin Schrepp

May 2020: Volume 15, Issue 3

Introduction to Volume 15, Issue 3, May 2020

by Bill Albert and Jim Lewis

Invited Essay: About Time: A Practitioner’s Guide to Task Completion Time Analysis

by Bernard Rummel

SUSapp: A Free Mobile Application That Makes the System Usability Scale (SUS) Easier to Administer

by Jeffrey Xiong, Claudia Ziegler Acemyan, and Philip Kortum

User Evaluation of Low-Cost, Non-Invasive Methods for Heart-Rate Measurement

by Eirini Mathe and Evaggelos Spyrou

Testing Usability of the Eye Health Evidence Gap Map

by Bhavisha Virendrakumar, Emma Swain, Rachel Murphy, Birte Snilstveit, and Elena Schmidt

February 2020: Volume 15, Issue 2

Introduction to Volume 15, Issue 2, February 2020

by Bill Albert and Jim Lewis

Invited Essay: Usability Diverges, Media Converges, Design Remerges 

by Gilbert Cockton

Image of the Human in Service Design: An Interview-Based Case Study

by Eemeli Hakoköngäs and Anna Asiala

Practices and Challenges of Using Think-Aloud Protocols in Industry: An
International Survey

by Mingming Fan, Serina Shi, and Khai N. Truong

Cumulative and Combined: Analyzing Methods Use in a Human-Centered Design
Mature Company

by Kaisa Savolainen and Sampsa Hyysalo

November 2019: Volume 15, Issue 1

Introduction to Volume 15, Issue 1, November 2019

by Bill Albert and Jim Lewis

Invited Essay: The State of UX Research

by Carol Barnum

Championing HCI Education to CS Undergraduates at a Grassroots Level: A Case Study in Egypt

by Shaimaa Lazem

Designing with Personas

by Shazeeye Kirmani, Bhavana Gupta, Hagit Vansover, John Glen Arellano, and Zhiya Zhu

SMS-Based Agricultural Information System for Rural Farmers in Ethiopia

by Alemu Kumilachew Tegegne and Tamir Anteneh Alemu

August 2019: Volume 14, Issue 4

Introduction to Volume 14, Issue 4, August 2019

by Bill Albert and Jim Lewis

Invited Essay: Intentionally Ethical AI Experiences

by Carol Smith

Applying Tangible Augmented Reality for Product Usability Assessment

by Young Mi Choi

A Comparison Study of the Smartphone Gaming Control

by Sang-Duck Seo and Sunghyun Kang

Comparison of Four TAM Item Formats: Effect of Response Option Labels and

by James (Jim) R. Lewis

May 2019: Volume 14, Issue 3

Introduction to the Special Issue: Nigel Bevan—An Appreciation

by Dianne Murray and Gitte Lindgaard,

Invited Essay: Nigel Bevan: An Overview of His Contributions to Usability and UX

by Thomas S. Tullis

Invited Essay: A Personal Tribute to Nigel Bevan

by Tom Stewart

Invited Essay: Nigel Bevan’s Broad and Strategic Contribution to International Standards

by Jonathan Earthy

Invited Essay: Working on International Standards with Nigel Bevan: In Fond Remembrance

by Daryle Gardner-Bonneau

Invited Essay: Nigel Bevan and Concepts of Usability, UX, and Satisfaction

by Masaaki Kurosu

Invited Essay: Nigel Bevan’s Impact on Enlightenment of UX Practice in China

by Zhengjie Liu

Invited Essay: Remembering Nigel Bevan

by Chris Hass

February 2019: Volume 14, Issue 2

Introduction to Volume 14, Issue 2, February 2019

by Bill Albert and Jim Lewis

Invited Essay: Usability of Technology for Older Adults: Where Are We and Where Do We Need to Be

by Sara J. Czaja

Observed Differences Between Lab and Online Tests Using the AttrakDiff Semantic Differential Scale

by Lico Takahashi and Karsten Nebe

Exploring the Boundary Conditions of the Effect of Aesthetics on Perceived Usability

by John Grishin and Douglas J. Gillan

The Cross-Sequential Approach: A Short-Term Method for Studying Long-Term User Experience

by Sari Kujala, Talya Miron-Shatz, and Jussi J. Jokinen

November 2018: Volume 14, Issue 1

Introduction to Volume 14, Issue 1, November 2018

by Bill Albert and Jim Lewis

Invited Essay: Is the Report of the Death of the Construct of Usability an Exaggeration

by Jim Lewis

A Structural Model for Unity of Experience: Connecting User Experience, Customer Experience, and Brand Experience

by Hye-jin Lee, Katie Ka-hyun Lee, and Junho Choi

Three Contexts for Evaluating Organizational Usability

by Morten Hertzum

Comparison of Item Formats: Agreement vs. Item-Specific Endpoints

by Jim Lewis

August 2018: Volume 13, Issue 4

Introduction to Volume 13, Issue 4, August 2018

by Bill Albert and Jim Lewis

Invited Essay: A Personal Journey Through User Experience

by Marc Hassenzahl

Are Two Pairs of Eyes Better Than One? A Comparison of Concurrent Think- Aloud and Co-Participation Methods in Usability Testing

by Obead Alhadreti and Pam Mayhew

Usability Comparison of Over-the-Shoulder Attack Resistant Authentication Schemes

by Ashley Cain and Jeremiah Still

Usability Study to Improve Interaction Design for Drivers in Car-Sharing Systems

by Byungsoo Kim, Sharon Joines, Russell Flinchum, and Jing Feng

May 2018: Volume 13, Issue 3

Introduction to Volume 13, Issue 3, May 2018

by Bill Albert and James R. Lewis

Invited Essay: Wizard of Oz (WoZ)—A Yellow Brick Journey

by John F. (“Jeff”) Kelley

Evaluation of Self-Trackers for Use in Telerehabilitation

by Kim Munck, Mark Hummeluhr Christensen, Alan Tahhan, Birthe I. Dinesen, Helle Spindler, John Hansen, Olav W. Nielsen, and Søren Leth

Information Architecture (IA): Using Multidimensional Scaling (MDS) and K-Means Clustering Algorithm for Analysis of Card Sorting Data

by Sione Paea and Ross Baird

Item Benchmarks for the System Usability Scale

by James R. Lewis and Jeff Sauro

February 2018: Volume 13, Issue 2

Introduction to Volume 13, Issue 2, February 2018

by Bill Albert and Jim Lewis

Invited Essay: Creating a Culture of Self-Reflection and Mutual Accountability

by Elizabeth Rosenzweig, Aaron Nathan, Nicholas Manring, and Tejaswini (TJ) Rao Racherla

Digital Cross-Channel Usability Heuristics: Improving the Digital Health Experience

by Brad Aabel and Dilini Abeywarna

Co-Design Process of a Smart Phone App to Help People with Down Syndrome

by Jonathan Lazar, Caitlin Woglom, Jeanhee Chung, Alison Schwartz, Yichuan Grace Hsieh, Richard Moore, Drew Crowley, and Brian Skotko

Texting While Walking: Is It Possible With a Smartwatch?

by Colton J. Turner, Barbara S. Chaparro, and Jibo He

November 2017: Volume 13, Issue 1

Introduction to Volume 13, Issue 1, November 2017

by Bill Albert and Jim Lewis

Invited Essay: Is It Time to Drop the “U” (From UX)?

by Bill Gribbons

Predicting Post-Task User Satisfaction With Weibull Analysis of Task Completion Times

by Bernard Rummel

SUPR-Qm: A Questionnaire to Measure the Mobile App User Experience

by Jeff Sauro and Paree Zarolia

Can I Leave This One Out? The Effect of Dropping an Item From the SUS

by Jim Lewis and Jeff Sauro

August 2017: Volume 12, Issue 4

Introduction to Volume 12, Issue 4, August 2017

by Bill Albert and Jim Lewis

Invited Essay: Usability Testing of Spoken Conversational Systems

by Susan L. Hura

Order Effects in Usability Questionnaires

by Stephanie B. Linek

Revisiting the Factor Structure of the System Usability Scale

by Jim Lewis and Jeff Sauro

A Next-Generation Augmented Reality Platform for Mass Casualty Incidents (MCI)

by Fatih Demir, Salman Ahmad, Prasad Calyam, Duo Jiang, Rui Huang, and Isa Jahnke

May 2017: Volume 12, Issue 3

Introduction to Volume 12, Issue 3, May 2017

by Bill Albert and Jim Lewis

Invited Essay: The Revolution Will Not Be Handheld

by Gerry Gaffney

Eye Tracking in Retrospective Think-Aloud Usability Testing: Is There Added Value?

by Fatma Elbabour, Obead Alhadreti, and Pam Mayhew

To Intervene or Not to Intervene: An Investigation of Three Think-Aloud Protocols in Usability Testing

by Obead Alhadreti and Pam Mayhew

Lab Testing Beyond Usability: Challenges and Recommendations for Assessing User Experiences

by Carine Lallemand and Vincent Koenig

February 2017: Volume 12, Issue 2

Introduction to Volume 12, Issue 2, February 2017

by Bill Albert and Jim Lewis

Invited Essay: Has Human Factors and Usability Lost Its Mojo?

by Philip Kortum, PhD

Beyond Average: Weibull Analysis of Task Completion Times

by Bernard Rummel

User Experience Rating Scales with 7, 11, or 101 Points: Does It Matter?

by James R. Lewis and Oğuzhan Erdinç

November 2016: Volume 12, Issue 1

Introduction to Volume 12, Issue 1, November 2016

by Bill Albert and Jim Lewis

Invited Essay: The Challenges and Opportunities of Measuring the User Experience

by Jeff Sauro

Measuring the First Impression: Testing the Validity of the 5 Second Test

by Guillaume Gronier

Cross-National Usability Study of a Housing Accessibility App: Findings From the European InnovAge Project

by Oskar Jonsson, Maria Haak, Signe Tomsone, Susanne Iwarsson, Steven M. Schmidt, Knut Mårtensson, Torbjörn Svensson, and Björn Slaug

August 2016: Volume 11, Issue 4

Introduction to Volume 11, Issue 4, August 2016

by Bill Albert and Jim Lewis

Invited Essay: Democracy is a Design Problem

by Dana Chisnell

When Japanese Elderly People Play a Finnish Physical Exercise Game: A Usability Study

by Aung Pyae, Tapani N. Liukkonen, Teppo Saaranpää, Mika Luimula, Patric Granholm, and Jouni Smed

May 2016: Volume 11, Issue 3

Introduction to Volume 11, Issue 3, May 2016

by Jim Lewis

Invited Essay: Usability Testing: Too Early? Too Much Talking? Too Many Problems?

by Morten Hertzum

Re-Assessing the Usability Metric for User Experience (UMUX) Scale

by Mehmet Ilker Berkman and Dilek Karahoca

Usability Evaluation of a New Text Input Method for Smart TVs

by Young Mi Choi and Jingtian Li

February 2016: Volume 11, Issue 2

Introduction to Volume 11, Issue 2, February 2016

by Bill Albert

Invited Essay: Making Meaningful Things Together: Working Towards a Mature Business

by Daniel Szuc and Josephine Wong

Cross-Cultural Differences in Automotive HMI Design: A Comparative Study Between UK and Indian Users’ Design Preferences

by Tawhid Khan, Matthew Pitts, and Mark A. Williams

User-Centered Design Method for the Design of Assistive Switch Devices to Improve User Experience, Accessibility, and Independence

by Peter Dorrington, Christopher Wilkinson, Lorna Tasker, and Andrew Walters

November 2015: Volume 11, Issue 1

Editor in Chief Bids JUS Readers Adieu

by Joe Dumas

Introduction to Volume 11, Issue 1, November 2015

by Bill Albert

Invited Essay: When Perishing Isn’t a Problem: Publication Tips for Practitioners

by James R. (Jim) Lewis

Gesture Selection Study for a Maternal Healthcare Information System in Rural Assam, India

by Keyur Sorathia, Minal Jain, Mannu Amrit, Ravi Mokashi Punekar, Saurabh Srivastava, and Nitendra Rajput

Evaluation of a Game Used to Teach Usability to Undergraduate Students in Computer Science

by Fabiane Barreto, Vavassori Benitti, and Leonardo Sommariva

August 2015: Volume 10, Issue 4

Introduction to the Special Student Issue

by Douglas Gillan and Beryl Plimmer

Improving Voter Experience Through User Testing and Iterative Design

by Melissa A. Smith, Samuel S. Monfort, and Eric J. Blumberg

How Hard Can It Be to Place a Ballot Into a Ballot Box? Usability of Ballot Boxes in Tamper Resistant Voting Systems

by M. Grant Belton, Philip Kortum, and Claudia Ziegler Acemyan

Investigating the Usability of E-Textbooks Using the Technique for Human Error Assessment

by Jo R. Jardina, and Barbara S. Chaparro

Learning to Use, Useful for Learning: A Usability Study of Google Apps for Education

by Mary Elizabeth Brown, and Daniel L. Hocutt

Rhetorical Grounding and an Agile Attitude: Complex Systems, Multi-Genre Testing, and Service Learning in UX

by Laura Cunningham, Russell Kirkscey, Ashlynn Reynolds-Dyk, Nancy Small, Charity Tran, and Virginia Tucker

An Experience in Requirements Prototyping with Young Deaf Children

by Jessica Korte, Leigh Ellen Potter, and Sue Nielsen

What is Meant by User Experience? Analyzing Usability/User Experience Professionals’ Dynamic Representations of Self

by Rebecca Zantjer and Laura Gonzales

May 2015: Volume 10, Issue 3

Introduction to Volume 10, Issue 3, May 2015

Invited Essay: The Fox Guarding the Usability Lab

by Bill Albert

Complex Systems, Cooperative Work, and Usability

by Yushan Pan, Sashidharan Komandur, and Sisse Finken

February 2015: Volume 10, Issue 2

Introduction to Volume 10, Issue 2, February 2015

Invited Essay: Expanding User Experience in India

by Kaladhar Bapu Korasala, and Shyama S. Duriseti

The Effects of Parallax Scrolling on User Experience in Web Design

by Dede Frederick, James Mohler, Mihaela Vorvoreanu, and Ronald Glotzbach

SUPR-Q: A Comprehensive Measure of the Quality of the Website User Experience

by Jeff Sauro

November 2014: Volume 10, Issue 1

Introduction to Volume 10, Issue 1, November 2014

Invited Essay:  A Critical, Creative UX Community: CLUF

by Gilbert Cockton

The Relationship Between Problem Frequency and Problem Severity in Usability Evaluations

by Jeff Sauro

Usability Evaluation of an Accessible Collaborative Writing Prototype for Blind Users

by John Schoeberlein and Yuanqiong Wang

Experiencing Visual Usability and Aesthetics in Two Mobile Application Contexts

by Johanna Silvennoinen, Marlene Vogel, and Sari Kujala

August 2014: Volume 9, Issue 4

Introduction to Volume 9, Issue 4, August 2014

The Tortoise and the (Soft)ware: Moore’s Law, Amdahl’s Law, and Performance Trends for Human-Machine Systems

by Randolph G. Bias, Clayton Lewis, and Doug Gillan

Probability Plotting: A Tool for Analyzing Task Completion Times

by Bernard Rummel

The Roles of Health Literacy, Numeracy, and Graph Literacy on the Usability of the VA’s Personal Health Record by Veterans

by Joseph Sharit, Ph.D., Miriam Lisigurski, MD, Allen D. Andrade, MD, Chandana Karanam, MBBS, Kim M. Nazi, Ph.D., James R. Lewis, Ph.D, and Jorge G. Ruiz, MD

May 2014: Volume 9, Issue 3

Introduction to Volume 9, Issue 3, May 2014

Invited Essay: Fast Tracking User Experience Maturity in Corporations – From a Business Perspective

by Kurt Sillén

Analyzing Card-Sorting Data Using Graph Visualization

by Celeste Lyn Paul

Set of Guidelines for Persuasive Interfaces: Organization and Validation of the Criteria

by Alexandra Némery, and Eric Brangier

February 2014: Volume 9, Issue 2

Introduction to Volume 9, Issue 2, February 2014

by Joe Dumas and Bill Albert

Invited Essay: User Experience in Asia

by Zhengjie Liu

The Pervasiveness of Text Advertising Blindness

by Justin W. Owens, Evan M. Palmer, and Barbara S. Chaparro

User Performance and Satisfaction of Tablet Physical Keyboards

by Barbara S. Chaparro, Mikki H. Phan, Christina Siu, and Jo R. Jardina

November 2013: Volume 9, Issue 1

Introduction to Volume 9, Issue 1, November 2013

The UTEST Community: Celebrating 20 Years of a Safe Space for UX Discussions

by Tharon W. Howard, Laurie Gray, Alicia Hatter, Jurek Kirakowski, Dick Miller, Ginny Redish, Maggie Reilly, Carol Righi, and Carl Zetie

How Low Can You Go? Is the System Usability Scale Range Restricted?

by Philip Kortum, PhD and Claudia Ziegler Acemyan, M. Arch, M.A.

User Experience and Accessibility: An Analysis of County Web Portals

by Norman E. Youngblood and Susan A. Youngblood

August 2013: Volume 8, Issue 4

Introduction to Volume 8, Issue 4, August 2013

Special Issue of the Journal of Usability Studies: Designing Inclusive Systems

by Jonathan Lazar, Patrick Langdon, and Ann Heylighen

Development and Evaluation of Two Prototypes for Providing Weather Map Data to Blind Users Through Sonification

by Jonathan Lazar, Suranjan Chakraborty, Dustin Carroll, Robert Weir, Bryan Sizemore, and Haley Henderson

A System in the Wild: Deploying a Two Player Arm Rehabilitation System for Children With Cerebral Palsy in a School Environment

by Raymond Holt, Andrew Weightman, Justin Gallagher, Nick Preston, Martin Levesley,Mark Mon-Williams, and Bipinchandra Bhakta

Inclusive Design Advisor: Understanding the Design Practice Before Developing Inclusivity Tools

by Emilene Zitkus, Patrick Langdon, and P. John Clarkson

May 2013: Volume 8, Issue 3

Welcome Bill Albert

Introduction to Volume 8, Issue 3, May 2013

Invited Essay: Five Agile UX Myths

by Diana DeMarco Brown

RITE+Krug: A Combination of Usability Test Methods for Agile Design

by Jennifer (Jen) McGinn and Ana Ramírez Chang

Card Sort Analysis Best Practices

by Carol Righi, Janice James, Michael Beasley, Donald L. Day, Jean E. Fox, Jennifer Gieber, Chris Howe, and Laconya Ruby

February 2013: Volume 8, Issue 2

Special Thanks to Marilyn Tremaine

Introduction to Volume 8, Issue 2, February 2013

Invited Essay: SUS: A Retrospective

by John Brooke

Use of Card Sorting for Online Course Site Organization Within an Integrated Science Curriculum

by Alison Doubleday

November 2012: Volume 8, Issue 1

Introduction to Volume 8, Issue 1, November 2012

The First Seven Years of the JUS

by Joe Dumas and Dinara Saparova

Invited Essay: Stick to the Knitting

by Steve Portigal

Reverse Engineering of Content to Find Usability Problems: A Healthcare Case Study

by Shadi Ghajar-Khosravi, Flora Wan, Samir Guptua, and Mark Chignell

August 2012: Volume 7, Issue 4

Introduction to Volume 7, Issue 4, August 2012

A Usability Evaluation of Workplace-Related Tasks on a Multi-Touch Tablet Computer by Adults with Down Syndrome

by Libby Kumin, Jonathan Lazar, Jinjuan Heidi Feng, Brian Wentz, and Nnanna Ekedebe

Usability Evaluation of a Tag-Based Interface

by Rajinesh Ravendran, Ian MacColl, and Michael Docherty

May 2012: Volume 7, Issue 3

Introduction Volume 7, Issue 3, May 2012

Invited Essay: Usability of Interactive Systems: It Will Get Worse Before It Gets Better

by Jeff Johnson and Austin Henderson

The Effects of Touch Screen Technology on the Usability of E-Reading Devices

by Eva Siegenthaler, Yves Bochud, Pascal Wurtz, Laura Schmid, and Per Bergamin

WHAM! POW! Comics as User Assistance

by Erika Noll Webb, Gayathri Balasubramanian, Ultan Ó’Broin, and Jayson M. Webb

February 2012: Volume 7, Issue 2

Introduction Volume 7, Issue 2, February 2012

Invited Essay: Curating Evolution

by Austin Henderson and Jed Harris

The Effect of Experience on System Usability Scale Ratings

by Sam McLellan, Andrew Muddimer and S. Camille Peres

Investigating the Accessibility and Usability of Job Application Web Sites for Blind Users

by Jonathan Lazar, Abiodun Olalere and Brian Wentz

November 2011: Volume 7, Issue 1

Introduction to Volume 7, Issue 1, November 2011

Invited Essay: Industrial HCI Research: A Personal and Professional Perspective

by Clare-Marie Karat and John Karat

Conducting Iterative Usability Testing on a Web Site: Challenges and Benefits

by Jennifer C. Romano Bergstrom, Erica L. Olmsted-Hawala, Jennifer M. Chen, and Elizabeth D. Murphy

Usability Evaluation of Touch-less Mouse, Based on Infrared Proximity Sensing

by Young Sam Ryu, Do Hyong Koh, Dongseok Ryu, and Dugan Um

Ergonomics Product Development of a Mobile Workstation for Health Care

by Risto Toivonen, Dong-Shik Choi, and Nina Nevala

August 2011: Volume 6, Issue 4

Introduction to Volume 6, Issue 4, August 2011

Invited Essay: The Unfulfilled Promise of Usability Engineering

by Dennis Wixon

Adapting Web 1.0 Evaluation Techniques for E-Government in Second Life

by Alla Keselman, Victor Cid, Matthew Perry, Claude Steinberg, Fred B. Wood, and Elliot R. Siegel

Making Energy Savings Easier: Usability Metrics for Thermostats

by Daniel Perry, Cecilia Aragon, Alan Meier, Therese Peffer, and Marco Pritoni

When Left Might Not Be Right

by Xristine Faulkner and Clive Hayton

May 2011: Volume 6, Issue 3

Introduction to Volume 6, Issue 3, May 2011

Invited Essay: Overlap, Influence, Intertwining: The Interplay of UX and Technical Communication

by Ginny Redish and Carol Barnum

Discourse Variations Between Usability Tests and Usability Reports

by Erin Friess

A Meta-Analytical Review of Empirical Mobile Usability Studies

by Constantinos K. Coursaris, Ph.D and Dan J. Kim

Text Advertising Blindness: The New Banner Blindness?

by Justin W. Owens, Barbara S. Chaparro, and Evan M. Palmer

February 2011: Volume 6, Issue 2

JUS – A Five Year Retrospective, a Remaining Challenge, and Thanks

by Avi Parush

Introduction to Volume 6, Issue 2, February 2011

Invited Essay: Tough Sell: Selling User Experience

by Misha W. Vaughan

A Strategic Approach to Metrics for User Experience Designers

by Carl W. Turner

User-Centered Design in Procured Software Implementations

by Jen Hocko

Usability Evaluation of Email Applications by Blind Users

by Brian Wentz and Jonathan Lazar

November 2010: Volume 6, Issue 1

Introduction to Volume 6, Issue 1, November 2010

Invited Essay: From 0 to 365: My First Year as a Design Executive

by Catherine Courage

Rent a Car in Just 0, 60, 240 or 1,217 Seconds? – Comparative Usability Measurement, CUE-8

by Rolf Molich, Jarinee Chattratichart, Veronica Hinkle, Janne Jul Jensen, Jurek Kirakowski, Jeff Sauro, Tomer Sharon, and Brian Traynor

Improving the Usability of E-Book Readers

by Eva Siegenthaler, Pascal Wurtz, and Rudolf Groner

Examining the Order Effect of Website Navigation Menus With Eye Tracking

by Alex J. DeWitt

August 2010: Volume 5, Issue 4


Invited Essay: Moving Towards an All-Encompassing Universal Design Approach in ICT

by André Liem, Sarah J. Swierenga Ph.D., C.P.E., and Rama Gheerawo

Comparing Computer Versus Human Data Collection Methods for Public Usability Evaluations of a Tactile-Audio Display

by Maria Karam, Carmen Branje, John-Patrick Udo, Frank Russo, and Deborah I. Fels

Online Learning: Designing for All Users

by Cindy Poore-Pariseau

Beyond Specifications: Towards a Practical Methodology for Evaluating Web Accessibility

by Panayiotis Koutsabasis, Evangelos Vlachogiannis, and Jenny S. Darzentas

Intra- and Inter-Cultural Usability in Computer-Supported Collaboration

by Ravi Vatrapu and Dan Suthers

May 2010: Volume 5, Issue 3


Invited Essay: The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Usability People

by Mary Beth Rettger

Plain Language Makes a Difference When People Vote

by Ginny Redish, Dana Chisnell, Sharon Laskowski and Svetlana Lowry

Response Interpolation and Scale Sensitivity: Evidence Against 5-Point Scales

by Kraig Finstad

A Comparison of the Usability of a Laptop, Communicator, and Handheld Computer

by Piia Suomalainen, Leena Korpinen, and Rauno Pääkkönen

A Commentary of “How To Specify the Participant Group Size for Usability Studies: A Practitioner’s Guide” by R. Macefield

by Rolf Molich

February 2010: Volume 5, Issue 2


Invited Essay: Is Technology Becoming More Usable—or Less—and With What Consequences?

by Daryle Gardner-Bonneau

Reliability of Self-Reported Awareness Measures Based on Eye Tracking

by Bill Albert, Donna Tedesco

Usability Evaluation of Randomized Keypad

by Young Sam Ryu, Do Hyong Koh, Brad L. Aday, Xavier A. Gutierrez, and John D. Platt

November 2009: Volume 5, Issue 1


Invited Essay: Engaged Scholars, Thoughtful Practitioners: The Interdependence of Academics and Practitioners in User-Centered Design and Usability

by Susan M. Dray

When Links Change: How Additions and Deletions of Single Navigation Links Affect User Performance

by Lauren F.V. Scharff, and Philip Kortum, PhD

The Combined Walkthrough: Measuring Behavioral, Affective, and Cognitive Information in Usability Testing

by Timo Partala and Riitta Kangaskorte

How To Specify the Participant Group Size for Usability Studies: A Practitioner’s Guide

by Ritch Macefield

August 2009: Volume 4, Issue 4


Visual Attention in Newspaper versus TV-Oriented News Websites

by William J. Gibbs and Ronan S. Bernas

Insights for the TV Interface from the Mobile Phone Interface

by Younghwan Pan and Young Sam Ryu

A Methodology for Measuring Usability Evaluation Skills Using the Constructivist Theory and the Second Life Virtual World

by Debra J. Slone

May 2009: Volume 4, Issue 3


Invited Essay: International Standards for Usability Should Be More Widely Used

by Nigel Bevan

Determining What Individual SUS Scores Mean: Adding an Adjective Rating Scale

by Aaron Bangor, PhD, CHFP, Philip Kortum, PhD, and James Miller, PhD

Extremely Rapid Usability Testing

by Mark Pawson and Saul Greenberg

The Effect of Culture on Usability: Comparing the Perceptions and Performance of Taiwanese and North American MP3 Player Users

by Steve Wallace and Hsiao-Cheng Yu

February 2009: Volume 4, Issue 2


Invited Essay: Tips for Usability Professionals in a Down Economy

by Tom Tullis

Usability of Electronic Medical Records

by John B. Smelcer, Hal Miller-Jacobs, and Lyle Kantrovich

Usability Testing with Real Data

by Alex Genov, Mark Keavney, and Todd Zazelenchuk

Flexible Hardware Configurations for Studying Mobile Usability

by Antti Oulasvirta and Tuomo Nyyssönen

November 2008: Volume 4, Issue 1


Invited Essay: Card Sorting: Current Practices and Beyond

by Jed Wood and Larry Wood

A Modified Delphi Approach to a New Card Sorting Methodology

by Celeste Lyn Paul

The Usability of Computerized Card Sorting: A Comparison of Three Applications by Researchers and End Users

by Barbara S. Chaparro, Veronica Hinkle and Shannon Riley

Heuristic Evaluation Quality Score (HEQS): Defining Heuristic Expertise

by Shazeeye Kirmani

August 2008: Volume 3, Issue 4


Invited Essay: New Frontiers in Usability for Users’ Complex Knowledge Work

by Barbara Mirel

Creating Effective Decision Aids for Complex Tasks

by Caroline Clarke Hayes and Farnaz Akhavi

Switching Between Tools in Complex Applications

by Will Schroeder

Unexpected Complexity in a Traditional Usability Study

by Tharon W. Howard

May 2008: Volume 3, Issue 3


Invited Essay: User Experience Design: The Evolution of a Multi-disciplinary Approach

by Deborah J. Mayhew

An Empirical Investigation of Color Temperature and Gender Effects on Web Aesthetics

by Constantinos K. Coursaris, Ph.D, Sarah J. Swierenga Ph.D., C.P.E., and Watrall Ethan

A Study of the Effect of Thumb Sizes on Mobile Phone Texting Satisfaction

by Vimala Balakrishnan and Paul, H.P. Yeow

Examining Users on News Provider Web Sites: A Review of Methodology

by William J. Gibbs

February 2008: Volume 3, Issue 2


Invited Essay: A Voyage to Maturing Usability

by Effie Lai-Chong Law

A low-cost test environment for usability studies of head-mounted virtual reality systems

by Ahmed Seffah, Jonathan Benn, and Halima Habieb Mammar

How may I help you? An ethnographic view of contact-center HCI

by Howard Kiewe

A new approach to analyse human-mobile computer interaction

by Jürgen Kawalek, Annegret Stark, and Marcel Riebeck

November 2007: Volume 3, Issue 1


Invited Essay: Problems and Joys of Reading Research Papers for Practitioner Purposes

by Caroline Jarrett

A Structured Process for Transforming Usability Data into Usability Information

by Jonathan Howarth, Terence S. Andre, and Rex Hartson

Decision Models for Comparative Usability Evaluation of Mobile Phones Using the Mobile Phone Usability Questionnaire (MPUQ)

by Young Sam Ryu, Kari Babski-Reeves, Tonya L. Smith-Jackson, and Maury A. Nussbaum

Clustering for Usability Participant Selection

by Juan E. Gilbert, Andrea Williams, and Cheryl D. Seals

August 2007: Volume 2, Issue 4

Introduction to Volume 2, Issue 4

by Avi Parush

Invited Essay: Surviving Our Success: Three Radical Recommendations

by Jared Spool

Making Usability Recommendations Useful and Usable

by Rolf Molich, Robin Jeffries, and Joe Dumas

User Research of a Voting Machine: Preliminary Findings and Experiences

by Menno de Jong, Joris van Hoof, and Jordy Gosselt

Metaphor-Based Design of High-Throughput Screening Process Interfaces

by David B. Kaber, Noa Segall, and Rebecca S. Green

May 2007: Volume 2, Issue 3

Introduction to Volume 2, Issue 3

by Avi Parush

Invited Essay: Expanding Usability Testing to Evaluate Complex Systems

by Ginny Redish

Adapting Usability Investigations for Agile User-Centered Design

by Desirée Sy

Group Usability Testing: Evolution in Usability Techniques

by Laura L. Downey

Usability studies and the Hawthorne Effect

by Ritch Macefield

February 2007: Volume 2, Issue 2

Introduction to Volume 2, Issue 2

by Avi Parush

Invited Essay: A Great Leap Forward: The Birth of the Usability Profession (1988-1993)

by Joe Dumas

Heuristic Evaluation Quality Score (HEQS): A Measure of Heuristic Evaluation Skills

by Shazeeye Kirmani and Shanmugam Rajasekaran

Usability Evaluation of the Spatial OLAP Visualization and Analysis Tool (SOVAT)

by Mathew Scotch, Bambang Parmanto, and Valerie Monaco

Comments on “A Methodology for Testing Voting Systems”

by Whitney Quesenbery, John Cugini, Dana Chisnell, Bill Killam, and Ginny Redish

Reply to Comments on “A Methodology for Testing Voting Systems”

by Ted Selker, Elizabeth Rosenzweig, and Anna Pandolfo

November 2006: Volume 2, Issue 1

Introduction to Volume 2, Issue 1

by Avi Parush

Invited Essay: Post-Modern Usability

by Arnold Lund

A Methodology for Testing Voting Systems

by Ted Selker, Elizabeth Rosenzweig, and Anna Pandolfo

Case WAP and Accountability: Shortcomings of the Mobile Internet as an Interactional Problem

by Ilpo Koskinen, Petteri Repo, and Kaarina Hyvönen

Reliability and Validity of the Mobile Phone Usability Questionnaire (MPUQ)

by Young Sam Ryu and Tonya L. Smith-Jackson

August 2006: Volume 1, Issue 4

Introduction to Volume 1, Issue 4

by Avi Parush

Invited Essay: World Usability Day: A Challenge for Everyone

by Elizabeth Rosenzweig

Culture and Usability Evaluation: The Effects of Culture in Structured Interviews

by Ravi Vatrapu and Manuel A. Pérez-Quiñones

Animated Character Likeability Revisited: The Case of Interactive TV

by Konstantinos Chorianopoulos

The System Usability Scale and Non-Native English Speakers

by Kraig Finstad

May 2006: Volume 1, Issue 3

Introduction to Volume 1, Issue 3

by Avi Parush

Invited Essay: Can Collaboration Help Redefine Usability?

by Charles B. Kreitzberg

Using Eye Tracking to Compare Web Page Designs: A Case Study

by Agnieszka Bojko

Case Study: Conducting Large-Scale Multi-User User Tests on the United Kingdom Air Defence Command and Control System

by Elliott Hey

When 100% Really Isn’t 100%: Improving the Accuracy of Small-Sample Estimates of Completion Rates

by James R. Lewis, Ph.D and Jeff Sauro

February 2006: Volume 1, Issue 2

Introduction to Volume 1, Issue 2

by Avi Parush

Invited Essay: Culture: Wanted? Alive or Dead?

by Aaron Marcus

Do Usability Expert Evaluation and Testing Provide Novel and Useful Data for Game Development?

by Sauli Laitinen

A Pattern Language Approach to Usability Knowledge Management

by Michael Hughes

Empirical Evaluation of a Popular Cellular Phone’s Menu System: Theory Meets Practice

by Sheng-Cheng Huang, I-Fan Chou, and Randolph G. Bias

November 2005: Volume 1, Issue 1

Introduction to Volume 1, Issue 1

by Avi Parush

Invited Essay: Usability for the Masses

by Jakob Nielsen

Usability Testing of Mobile Applications: A Comparison between Laboratory and Field Testing

by Anne Kaikkonen, Aki Kekäläinen, Mihael Cankar, Titti Kallio, and Anu Kankainen

Iterative Usability Testing as Continuous Feedback: A Control Systems Perspective

by Alex Genov

Towards the Design of Effective Formative Test Reports

by Mary Theofanos and Whitney Quesenbery

Usability Testing of Travel Websites

by Deborah S. Carstens and Pauline Patterson