Introduction to Volume 9, Issue 3

We are delighted to publish an editorial by Kurt Sillén on “Fast Tracking User Experience Maturity in Corporations—From a Business Perspective.” In this editorial the author shares his experiences in helping move large organizations up the UX maturity ladder. It is particularly insightful to hear his perspective from the business side. He discusses both activities […] [Read More]

Fast Tracking User Experience Maturity in Corporations – From a Business Perspective

You have a minute to share your ideas with senior management in an elevator. You are prepared to discuss the technology, the user experience (UX), or the business case, but you only have time for one, which one do you choose? Don’t think, decide now, what is your answer? I have asked this question to […] [Read More]

Analyzing Card-Sorting Data Using Graph Visualization

Abstract This paper describes a method for visualizing and analyzing co-occurrence in card-sorting data. Card sorting is a popular knowledge elicitation method used in information architecture and user experience design. However, analyzing card-sorting data can be a challenge. Detailed qualitative analysis is difficult and time consuming, especially for larger studies. Quantitative analysis can be automated […] [Read More]

Set of Guidelines for Persuasive Interfaces: Organization and Validation of the Criteria

Abstract This study presents an attempt to organize and validate a set of guidelines to assess the persuasive characteristics of interfaces (web, software, etc.). Persuasive aspects of interfaces are a fast growing topic of interest; numerous website and application designers have understood the importance of using interfaces to persuade and even to change users’ attitudes […] [Read More]