Building Capacity for UX

Introduction What does it mean to design for usability and experience? This is a question that is regularly on my mind, especially with regard to design education. Graduates will face an ever-changing landscape of problems out in the world. In some respects, this has always been the case, but in others the complexities of modern […] [Read More]

“The Era of Ferment:” How Practitioners and Educators Frame HCI

Abstract This study examined various roles in HCI and incongruences between practitioners’ and educators’ perceptions and experiences. The incongruences are articulated through the conceptual lens of Technological Frames (TF), which are evidenced by shared understanding of theory, practice, and a common approach to practice. We conducted 21 interviews with HCI practitioners, educators, and people who […] [Read More]

Hey Google, Help Doing My Homework: Surveying Voice Interactive Systems

Abstract Voice assistant devices, such as Google Home™ and Amazon Echo™, are at the forefront of natural voice interaction and natural language search through the removal of any graphical user interface (GUI). This user experience study is one of the first to compare information foraging using Google Home versus search behaviors using a traditional computer […] [Read More]