Introduction to Volume 17, Issue 2

For the February 2022 issue, the invited essay is “UX Standards and UX Maturity” by Brian Traynor. He reviews the work of many standards committees, working groups, and documents that are relevant to UX researchers and practitioners.

In addition to the essay, this issue includes two methodological research papers—one on personas and the other on usability testing.

The first article is “Deriving Personas to Inform HMI Design for Future Autonomous Taxis: A Case Study on User Requirement Elicitation,” by Madeline J Hallewell, Nancy Hughes, David R Large, Catherine Harvey, James Springthorpe, and Gary Burnett. They conducted interviews with taxi users who differed in their usability/accessibility needs to inform the development of eight personas and thirteen scenarios of use for autonomous taxis.

The second article is “Analyzing and Visualizing the Criticality of Issues from Usability Tests,” by Carolina Abrantes, Óscar Mealha, Diogo Gomes, João Paulo Barraca, and Carlos Viana-Ferreira. They present an analytical framework with data visualization schemes to help researchers analyze and present data from usability tests, exemplified with proof-of-concept application to the results of a usability study conducted on a prototype scheduling system.