Introduction to Volume 18, Issue 4

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Our August 2023 essay is from Wonil Hwang on “Online User Reviews: A Treasure Trove of UX Research?” The essay describes potential benefits when using online user reviews as source material for UX research along with potential biases.

In addition to the essay, this issue includes two research papers. One is on the design of software toggle switches, and the other is on different ways to interpret time on task.

The first article is “Designing User Interface Toggles for Usability,” by Alyaa Al-Jasim and Pietro Murano. The authors tested multiple toggle designs and used the results to craft toggle design guidelines.

The second article is “Efficiently Engaging: Toward an Expansive View of Time on Task,” by Lawrence Williams. For task-based research, longer task completion times are usually interpreted as indicating a poorer experience than shorter times. When users have priorities other than task efficiency, however, there can be contexts in which longer task times indicate a better user experience. Understanding the context is key when interpreting this metric.