Introduction to Volume 10, Issue 1, November 2014

We are delighted to publish an editorial by Gilbert Cockton on “A Critical, Creative UX Community: CLUF.” In this provocative editorial, Cockton advocates for “a new form of interactive community publication, complementary to JUS, to respond to new creative emphases within human-focused interaction design practices and research.” Cockton refers to this community as “CLUF” or […] [Read More]

A Critical, Creative UX Community: CLUF

Research and practice in human-computer interaction (HCI) are now in their fourth decade. After a first decade focused on modeling and guidance, professional practices associated with HCI have focused first on user-centered design (UCD), next on user experience (UX, which includes usability), and now on interaction design (IxD), with a range of practices (e.g., creative, […] [Read More]

The Relationship Between Problem Frequency and Problem Severity in Usability Evaluations

Abstract The relationship between problem frequency and severity has been the subject of an ongoing discussion in the usability literature. There is conflicting evidence as to whether more severe problems affect more users or whether problem severity and frequency are independent, especially in the cases where problem severity is based on the judgment of the […] [Read More]

Usability Evaluation of an Accessible Collaborative Writing Prototype for Blind Users

Abstract Collaborative writing technology is utilized in the workplace to co-author documents. Unfortunately, this technology is not accessible or usable for persons who are blind. As a result, persons who are blind cannot participate in collaborative writing that is critical in business and in collegiate environments. In order to improve the accessibility and usability of […] [Read More]

Experiencing Visual Usability and Aesthetics in Two Mobile Application Contexts

Abstract Visual attractiveness is increasingly seen as an essential factor in perceived usability, interaction, and overall appraisal of user interfaces. Visual elements in technological products are capable of evoking emotions and affective responses in users. In this paper, we focus on the role of visual usability and visual aesthetics in an experimental research setup. This […] [Read More]