Introduction to Volume 17, Issue 3

Peer-reviewed Article

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Our May 2022 essay is “Welcome to the Journal of User Experience,” by Bill Albert and Jim Lewis. They announce our journal’s new name, Journal of User Experience (JUX), and provide some background and thoughts about the change.

In addition, this issue includes two research papers. One is about the relationship between users’ perception of the usability of a tablet game based on the game’s quality of visual design. The second explores different ranking methods available in Qualtrics™ surveys.

The first article is “The Interplay Between Perceived Usability and Quality in Visual Design for Tablet Game Interfaces,” by Uttam Kokil and Tracy Harwood. Since the twenty-first century, User Experience (UX) researchers have debated the relative importance of visual design on the perception of usability. Kokil and Harwood researched this topic in the context of tablet game interfaces.

The second article is “Drag-and-Drop Versus Numeric Entry Options: A Comparison of Survey Ranking Questions in Qualtrics,” by Shaun Genter, Yazmín García Trejo, and Elizabeth Nichols. Genter, in collaboration with colleagues from the United States Census Bureau, conducted an experiment to compare Qualtrics designs for ranking questions. They analyzed the distributions of the data produced by each option and discussed their behavioral pros and cons.