All February 2021: Volume 16, Issue 2 articles

Introduction to Volume 16, Issue 2

We are delighted to publish an essay by Lesley-Ann Noel and Marcelo Paiva titled “Learning to Recognize Exclusion.” The authors pose critical questions: Who do we exclude in our work as UX researchers and designers, and how do we work toward a more inclusive research and design practice? As part of their essay, the authors […] [Read More]

Invited Essay: Learning to Recognize Exclusion

Who do we exclude unintentionally or intentionally in the work that we do as designers and researchers? To be good at what we do as UX practitioners, we need to be mindful and recognize the differences around us and accommodate solutions with a positive and inclusive outcome. How can we train ourselves to see exclusion […] [Read More]

Enhancing Card Sorting Dendrograms through the Holistic Analysis of Distance Methods and Linkage Criteria

Abstract Card sorting has been widely used in information architecture to analyze and improve web content and navigation. This is an intuitive and cost-effective technique also useful in user research and evaluation. However, while the implementation of sorting tasks comprises a constructive and easy-to-accomplish process, the quantitative analysis of resulting card-sorting data can be a […] [Read More]

Evaluating the Use of Persuasive Design Cards for Novice Designers

Abstract This paper examines the use of physical persuasive cards for novice designers in ideation sessions. Through experimental study, we found that the tools a designer uses affects the kind of outcome they will get. The observations from four workshop sessions indicate that persuasive cards can be a two-edged sword, as they can affect the […] [Read More]

Cultural and Linguistic Variables in Usability Testing: A Canadian Evaluation of International Students

Abstract More than 1 in 5 Canadians are immigrants. While industries and public services in the country interact with users of diverse backgrounds, it is unclear how the cultural and linguistic backgrounds of users influence their perceived usability of services. We conducted a usability test of the website of Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) […] [Read More]