Articles by Bill Albert

Photo of Bill AbertDr. Albert is Senior Vice President and Global Head of User Experience at Mach49, a growth incubator for global businesses. Prior to joining Mach49, Bill was Executive Director of the User Experience Center and Adjunct Professor in Human Factors in Information Design at Bentley University. He has presented his work in user experience at more than 50 national and international conferences, and has published his research in the areas of eye tracking, data visualization, service design, and information design. He co-wrote (with Tom Tullis) the first book on UX metrics, Measuring the User Experience: Collecting, Analyzing, and Presenting UX Metrics (third edition published in 2022). He also co-wrote (with Tom Tullis and Donna Tedesco) Beyond the Usability Lab: Conducting Large-Scale Online User Experience Studies in 2010. He received his PhD from Boston University. He completed a post-doc at Nissan Cambridge Basic Research focusing on cognitive demands in the use of navigation systems.

Introduction to Volume 18, Issue 4

Our August 2023 essay is from Wonil Hwang on “Online User Reviews: A Treasure Trove of UX Research?” The essay describes potential benefits when using online user reviews as source material for UX research along with potential biases. In addition to the essay, this issue includes two research papers. One is on the design of […] [Read More]

Introduction to Volume 18, Issue 3

Our May 2023 essay is “We Need to Talk About How We Talk About Accessibility” by Sarah Horton and Erin Lauridsen. Consistent with recent concerns in the UX community about how word choice can have unintentional negative effects on marginalized populations, they present examples of how this can be problematic and strategies for providing better […] [Read More]

Introduction to Volume 18, Issue 2

Our February 2023 essay is “Gran Got Tech: Inclusivity and Older Adults” by Robert M. Schumacher.  He describes issues that older adults have with using current digital technologies (the digital divide), why user experience researchers and designers should care, and what might be done. In addition to the essay, this issue includes two research papers, […] [Read More]

Introduction to Volume 18, Issue 1

Our November 2022 essay is “Building Capacity for UX” by Youngmi Christina Choi. She describes the role of usability and user experience in product design and argues for the importance of involving a wider set of stakeholders in UX processes. In addition to the essay, this issue includes two research papers. One compares how practitioners […] [Read More]

Introduction to Volume 17, Issue 4

Our August 2022 essay is “Reimagining the Role of Friction in Experience Design” by Jonathan Ericson. He discusses the concept of friction in user experience design and notes that the typical design goal is to reduce friction; but there are contexts in which friction should be increased. Rather than reflexively striving to eliminate friction, he […] [Read More]