Introduction to Volume 19, Issue 3

Bill AlbertJames R. (Jim) Lewis, Ph.D

Our May 2024 essay is “Global-Local Dynamics: Strategies for Cross-Cultural UX Design in a Globalized World,” by Apala Lahiri Chavan and Revathy Sivasubramaniam. The essay describes the contestation, homogenization, and hybridization (CHH) framework to guide global design strategies. This issue also includes two research papers: one on trauma-informed design, and the other on augmented reality. […] [Read More]

Invited Essay

Global-Local Dynamics: Strategies for Cross-Cultural UX Design in a Globalized World

Apala Lahiri ChavanRevathy Sivasubramaniam

Introduction We live in a connected world in which people and places are closer than ever, thanks to advances in technology and transportation. This interconnectedness has opened huge global markets for products and services which, for designers, presents both exciting opportunities and tough challenges. Designing for people from different cultures is difficult because it involves […] [Read More]

Peer-Reviewed Articles

Trauma-Informed Design: Leveraging Usability Heuristics on a Social Services Website

Melissa EgglestonLesley-Ann Noel

Abstract Trauma-informed design and technology have been an important topic of discussion in the last 5 years in user experience. However, little exists to offer practical direction for practitioners applying trauma-informed approaches to websites, apps, and other digital tools. This paper shares an example of applying trauma-informed (TI) principles to a social service agency website […] [Read More]

Augmented Reality (AR) Lenses: User Experience on Snapchat

Anna OrtegaProf. Dr. Stefan StumppTobias Knopf

Abstract Augmented Reality (AR) is established in a wide range of fields, but a specific area of application is AR content on social media. Because AR content can be a business offering, new opportunities are arising to present products and services to users of social media. AR filters or lenses may be published by companies […] [Read More]