Articles by Torkil Clemmensen

photo of author Torkil ClemmensenA full professor at the Department of Digitalization, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark, Clemmensen’s research focuses on cultural-psychological perspectives on usability, user experience, and digitalization of work.

“The Era of Ferment:” How Practitioners and Educators Frame HCI

Abstract This study examined various roles in HCI and incongruences between practitioners’ and educators’ perceptions and experiences. The incongruences are articulated through the conceptual lens of Technological Frames (TF), which are evidenced by shared understanding of theory, practice, and a common approach to practice. We conducted 21 interviews with HCI practitioners, educators, and people who […] [Read More]

Positive Developments but Challenges Still Ahead: A Survey Study on UX Professionals’ Work Practices

Abstract This paper describes and gives an overview of User Experience (UX) professionals’ work practices—their environment, practices, tools, and challenges. First, we reviewed 32 empirical studies about usability and UX work to identify key issues in usability and UX work practices. For the identified key issues, we collected data from 422 UX professionals surveyed in […] [Read More]