Articles by Young Mi Choi

Dr. Choi is interested in studying the roles played by users, industrial design, engineering, and marketing during the process of creating new consumer and assistive technology products. Current research includes investigating the validity of information collected through various user research techniques and developing techniques for the use of augmented reality in product design.

Applying Tangible Augmented Reality for Product Usability Assessment

Abstract When developing a new product, it is common for designers to feel that they do not have enough information about users’ needs. This is especially true at the front end of a new product design process. An important component of this process is testing and validating potential design concepts. The aim of this study […] [Read More]

Usability Evaluation of a New Text Input Method for Smart TVs

Abstract Smart TVs are becoming an increasingly important multimedia device for home entertainment. A smart TV is a platform that provides access to many types of media and services such as games, the Internet, social networking sites, and TV programs. One of the most important interactions between users and these platforms is the ability to […] [Read More]