Introduction to Volume 19, Issue 3

Peer-reviewed Article

Our May 2024 essay is “Global-Local Dynamics: Strategies for Cross-Cultural UX Design in a Globalized World,” by Apala Lahiri Chavan and Revathy Sivasubramaniam. The essay describes the contestation, homogenization, and hybridization (CHH) framework to guide global design strategies.

This issue also includes two research papers: one on trauma-informed design, and the other on augmented reality.

The first article is “Trauma-Informed Design: Leveraging Usability Heuristics on a Social Services Website,” by Melissa Eggleston and Lesley-Ann Noel. The authors describe how usability heuristics can be applied for the purpose of improving the design of online experiences to be consistent with trauma-informed care principles.

The second article is “Augmented Reality (AR) Lenses: User Experience on Snapchat,” by Anna Ortega, Stefan Stumpp, and Tobias Knopf.  The authors conducted usability tests to assess the user experience of three different generic branded AR lenses.