Introduction to Volume 12, Issue 1, November 2016

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For our November issue, Dr. Jeff Sauro has contributed an editorial on “The Challenges and Opportunities of Measuring the User Experience.” Dr. Sauro provides a breakdown of the steps needed to start a corporate program in quantifying the user experience, including the identification of key performance indicators and identification of top tasks. He also addresses the importance of having an effective mix of quantitative and qualitative methods and coordination with market research.

The first article is “Measuring the First Impression: Testing the Validity of the 5 Second Test,” by Dr. Guillaume Gronier. The 5 Second Test is a method for getting quick feedback on a design. It has become increasingly popular in practice, but there hasn’t been much empirical evaluation of how it works. The research reported by Dr. Gronier contributes to the body of knowledge of the properties of this relatively new tool for assessing user reactions to designs.

The second article is “Cross-National Usability Study of a Housing Accessibility App: Findings From the European InnovAge Project,” by Dr. Oskar Jonsson, Dr. Maria Haak, Dr. Signe Tomsone, Professor Susanne Iwarsson, Dr. Steven M. Schmidt, Mr. Knut Mårtensson, Dr. Torbjörn Svensson, and Dr. Björn Slaug. In this article the authors describe a series of individual and group usability assessments of a mobile application conducted with senior citizens in Sweden and Latvia. This research provided insights on the influence of national and cultural contexts on perceived usability and acceptance of a new information and communications technology tool for the senior population.