All August 2022: Volume 17, Issue 4 articles

Introduction to Volume 17, Issue 4

Our August 2022 essay is “Reimagining the Role of Friction in Experience Design” by Jonathan Ericson. He discusses the concept of friction in user experience design and notes that the typical design goal is to reduce friction; but there are contexts in which friction should be increased. Rather than reflexively striving to eliminate friction, he […] [Read More]

Reimagining the Role of Friction in Experience Design

Abstract Current definitions of friction in user experience generally advocate for reducing or eliminating friction in the pursuit of efficiency and ease of use. As the field of user experience design increasingly aims to develop highly personalized experiences for unique individuals, this narrow view of friction risks the vital role that friction plays in human […] [Read More]

Deriving UX Dimensions for Future Autonomous Taxi Interface Design

Abstract Advances in autonomous vehicle (AV) technologies mean that driverless taxis could become a part of everyday life in cities within the next decade. We present a user-design activity leading to the development of an experience-design framework for autonomous taxi services of the future based on end-user expectations. We used Mozilla Hubs by Mozilla™ as […] [Read More]

Program Stakeholders’ Experience of a UX Graduate Training Program

Abstract Experiential learning techniques employed to teach human computer interaction and computing students about user experience (UX) fall into two categories: course-based project learning (industry/community research projects) or outside-of-course training (a UX consultancy). We sought to diversify the latter category by describing an independent UX training program called the Collaborative Learning of Usability Experiences (CLUE). […] [Read More]