Articles by Madeline J Hallewell

author photoDr. Hallewell is a Research Fellow in Human Factors at the University of Nottingham, where she also completed a PhD in Education. She has a background in teaching social sciences. As a mixed methods researcher, her research interests center around how human-environment interactions can affect learning, wellbeing, and performance. @MaddyJHallewell

Deriving Personas to Inform HMI Design for Future Autonomous Taxis: A Case Study on User Requirement Elicitation

Abstract Automated Vehicle Mobility-as-a-Service (AV MaaS)—or autonomous taxis—are expected to offer an inexpensive, mobility-on-demand service supporting greater sustainable transportation systems, including “last mile” solutions. However, to date, little is understood about how different people, whose needs and requirements may vary considerably, will best be supported to use these vehicles when there is no human driver/operative […] [Read More]