All November 2023: Volume 19, Issue 1 articles

Introduction to Volume 19, Issue 1

Our November 2023 essay is “Hurricane Forecast Products Need a UX Makeover,” by Barbara Millet. The essay describes problems people have interpreting current graphical representations of hurricane forecasts and Millet’s research conducted to improve graphics’ effectiveness. In addition to the essay, this issue includes two research papers. One is on the use of remote usability […] [Read More]

Hurricane Forecast Products Need a UX Makeover

Introduction Across the planet, human-driven climate change is having a great and increasing impact. Some areas will experience more intense hurricanes, while others will experience other effects, including increased droughts and severe wildfires. Hurricanes, in particular, are increasing in impact and rapidly intensifying, causing greater damage. Just last year, Hurricane Ian brought strong winds, heavy […] [Read More]

Remote UX Research in Unpredictable Times: Takeaways from Early Pandemic Practices

Abstract The recent global pandemic had shocking impacts on societies and economies worldwide by bringing complexity, ambiguity, and uncertainty for extended periods. UX researchers, faced with numerous challenges, were compelled to adapt to emergent conditions through remote research methods. Investigating how some members of the UX research community adapted to the emergency offers valuable insights […] [Read More]

Nothing Matters: Design Testing for Reporting Zero in a Web Survey

Abstract When survey respondents have nothing to report for questions asking for a quantity, they should report a lack of quantity instead of skipping the question. Reports of zero can be collected by asking respondents to check a None box. However, the effectiveness of this design has not been supported and, with the growing prevalence […] [Read More]