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Invited Essay: No Interface? No Problem. Applying Human-Centered Design and HCDAgile to Data Projects

In October 2019, a group of human-centered designers, agilists, data scientists, and other technology enablement practitioners joined to share their thoughts about a topic of common interest: How should the principles and practices of human-centered design, Agile development, and the overarching process of HCDAgile be applied to products that have no obvious user interface? The […] [Read More]

Introduction to Volume 13, Issue 1

For our November 2017 issue, we start with an invited essay from Bill Gribbons on “Is It Time to Drop the ‘U’ (From UX)?”  In this thoughtful and provocative contribution, he argues for and considers the potential consequences of changing the way we refer to our field—specifically, changing from “User Experience” to “Experience Design.” In […] [Read More]

The Revolution Will Not Be Handheld

Introduction For those working in UX through the past several years, the shift from desktop to mobile has seemed a major event. No longer are our devices clearly situated. Instead they travel with us. “Technology is now an appendage—always available in every moment of time, anywhere” (Holtzblatt & Beyer, 2017, p. 7). The shift has […] [Read More]

Has Human Factors and Usability Lost Its Mojo?

Introduction The human factors and usability community has contributed greatly to the safety, usability, and general acceptance of systems over the last 70 years. The tireless work of countless researchers and practitioners has had a significant positive impact on society. Although there are untold numbers of success stories where human factors and usability professionals have […] [Read More]

Beyond Average: Weibull Analysis of Task Completion Times

Abstract Weibull analysis is an established method in technical reliability analysis for describing and analyzing the lifetime of technical parts. This paper describes the approach and demonstrates its application on task completion times from small-sample usability tests. Fitting a Weibull distribution model to observed data lets the analyst estimate task completion rates for any given […] [Read More]