Introduction to Volume 7, Issue 1

We are pleased to have an editorial by two of the leaders of the HCI community, Clare-Marie Karat and John Karat. They worked in a research and development group at IBM for many years and have contributed substantially to our literature. They discuss their experiences over the years as the profession and their role in […] [Read More]

Industrial HCI Research: A Personal and Professional Perspective

In this article we give you some personal perspective on the changing role of human-computer interaction (HCI) researchers practicing in industry over the last 25 years and look to the future. We identify long-lasting themes and emerging trends and add some insight from our experiences working in IT research and development. These experiences include collaborating […] [Read More]

Conducting Iterative Usability Testing on a Web Site: Challenges and Benefits

Abstract This paper demonstrates the benefits and challenges of working collaboratively with designers and developers while conducting iterative usability testing during the course of Web site design. Four rounds of usability testing were conducted using materials of increasing realism to represent the user interface of a public government site: 1) low-fidelity paper prototypes; 2) medium-fidelity, […] [Read More]

Usability Evaluation of Touch-less Mouse, Based on Infrared Proximity Sensing

Abstract In this work, we examined a touchless mouse, which is a Human-Machine Interface (HMI) device for non-contact gesture inputs to a computer system. The touchless or T-less mouse is used by moving a finger without touching any device or surface. We evaluated it according to the guidelines and testing procedures for evaluating computer pointing […] [Read More]