Articles by John Karat

Dr. Karat is senior researcher in HCI. He is a member of the SIGCHI Executive Committee and a past chair if the IFIP Technical Committee on HCI (TC13). Over the past 30 years, he helped organize the first international HCI conferences in China (2002), India (2004), and Brazil (2007). He has contributed to the expansion of the HCI field to bring design into a more prominent role, organizing an early workshop on the topic, and editing a book Taking Software Design Seriously.

Industrial HCI Research: A Personal and Professional Perspective

In this article we give you some personal perspective on the changing role of human-computer interaction (HCI) researchers practicing in industry over the last 25 years and look to the future. We identify long-lasting themes and emerging trends and add some insight from our experiences working in IT research and development. These experiences include collaborating […] [Read More]