Articles by Clare-Marie Karat

Dr. Karat began working at IBM as a Human Factors Engineer in development, then became a Consultant in the IBM Consulting Group, and worked most of her 23 years in IBM as a Research Staff Member at the IBM T. J. Watson Research Center. She is now a Principal Consultant with Karat Consulting Group. She is the author of the Computer User’s Bill of Rights and a co-author of The Design and Evaluation of Usable Technology in Industrial Research: Three Case Studies.

Industrial HCI Research: A Personal and Professional Perspective

In this article we give you some personal perspective on the changing role of human-computer interaction (HCI) researchers practicing in industry over the last 25 years and look to the future. We identify long-lasting themes and emerging trends and add some insight from our experiences working in IT research and development. These experiences include collaborating […] [Read More]