Volume 11, Issue 3, May 2016

Introduction to Volume 11, Issue 3, May 2016

Jim Lewis

For our May issue, Professor Morten Hertzum has contributed an editorial on “Usability Testing: Too Early? Too Much Talking? Too Many Problems?” In his editorial Professor Hertzum takes a look at current practices in usability testing. He argues for the value of testing late in the development process, being wary of thinking aloud […] [Read More]


Invited Essay: Usability Testing: Too Early? Too Much Talking? Too Many Problems?

Morten Hertzum

Usability testing has evolved in response to a search for tests that are cheap, early, easy, and fast. In addition, it accords with a situational definition of usability, such as the one propounded by ISO. By approaching usability from an organizational perspective, this author argues that usability should (also) be evaluated late […] [Read More]


Re-Assessing the Usability Metric for User Experience (UMUX) Scale

Mehmet Ilker Berkman and Dilek Karahoca

Usability Metric for User Experience (UMUX) and its shorter form variant UMUX-LITE are recent additions to standardized usability questionnaires. UMUX aims to measure perceived usability by employing fewer items that are in closer conformance with the ISO 9241 definition of usability, while UMUX-LITE conforms to the technology […] [Read More]


Usability Evaluation of a New Text Input Method for Smart TVs

Young Mi Choi and Jingtian Li

Smart TVs are becoming an increasingly important multimedia device for home entertainment. A smart TV is a platform that provides access to many types of media and services such as games, the Internet, social networking sites, and TV programs. One of the most important interactions between users and these platforms is the ability […] [Read More]