Volume 12, Issue 2, February 2017

Introduction to Volume 12, Issue 2, February 2017

Bill Albert and James R. Lewis

We are delighted to publish an editorial by Dr. Philip Kortum titled “Has Human Factors and Usability Lost Its Mojo?” In his editorial Kortum argues that our work user experience and human factors has not lived up to its potential. He provides many examples spanning web design, software, automotive, and […] [Read More]


Editorial: Has Human Factors and Usability Lost Its Mojo?

Philip Kortum

The human factors and usability community has contributed greatly to the safety, usability, and general acceptance of systems over the last 70 years. The tireless work of countless researchers and practitioners has had a significant positive impact on society. […] [Read More]


Beyond Average: Weibull Analysis of Task Completion Times

Bernard Rummel

Weibull analysis is an established method in technical reliability analysis for describing and analyzing the lifetime of technical parts. This paper describes the approach and demonstrates its application on task completion times from small-sample usability tests. Fitting a Weibull distribution model to observed data lets the analyst estimate task completion […] [Read More]


User Experience Rating Scales with 7, 11, or 101 Points: Does It Matter?

James R. Lewis and Oğuzhan Erdinç

There is a large body of work on the topic of the optimal number of response options to use in multipoint items. The takeaways from the literature are not completely consistent, most likely due to variation in measurement contexts (e.g., clinical, market research, psychology) and optimization criteria (e.g., reliability, validity […] [Read More]