Articles by Shaimaa Lazem

Dr. Lazem earned her PhD in Computer Science at Virginia Tech, USA in 2012. She then returned to Egypt where she holds an academic position at the City of Scientific Research and Technology Applications (SRTA-City). Her research interests include participatory design, cross-cultural collaborations, post-colonial computing, and decolonizing HCI. She was awarded the Leaders in Innovation Fellowship with the Royal Academy of Engineering to support digital self-documentation of intangible cultural heritage. Dr. Lazem is the Chair of the Cairo ACM SIGCHI Professional Chapter in Egypt (CairoCHI) and the Co-founder of the ArabHCI community.

Championing HCI Education to CS Undergraduates at a Grassroots Level: A Case Study in Egypt

Abstract There is an increasing global interest in developing inclusive technologies that contribute to the social welfare of people in emerging economies. Egypt, a country facing socio-economic challenges, has been investing in an increasingly growing ICT infrastructure and human capital. The current ICT workforce is technically-oriented due to the increasing interest in global outsourcing. However, […] [Read More]