Introduction to Volume 1, Issue 1

Welcome to the inaugural issue of the Journal of Usability Studies. This journal was born in response to a growing need in the community of usability practitioners and researchers. Have you ever you looked for the most recent findings of usability studies that you can learn from or wondered where to publish interesting results from […] [Read More]

Usability for the Masses

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Usability Testing of Mobile Applications: A Comparison between Laboratory and Field Testing

Abstract Usability testing a mobile application in the laboratory seems to be sufficient when studying user interface and navigation issues. The usability of a consumer application was tested in two environments: in a laboratory and in a field with a total of 40 test users. The same problems were found in both environments, differences occurred […] [Read More]

Iterative Usability Testing as Continuous Feedback: A Control Systems Perspective

Abstract This paper argues that in the field of usability, debates about number of users, the use of statistics, etc. in the abstract are pointless and even counter-productive. We propose that the answers depend on the research questions and business objectives of each project and thus cannot be discussed in absolute terms. Sometimes usability testing […] [Read More]