All February 2014: Volume 9, Issue 2 articles

Introduction to Volume 9, Issue 2

The editorial leading off this issue is a survey of the state of the user experience (UX) profession in Asia. Zhengjie Liu takes us country by country on a tour of the development and current state of UX. While the growth of the profession came later than it did in the West, the parallels between […] [Read More]

User Experience in Asia

Why User Experience in Asia? The User Experience (UX) profession originated in North America and Western Europe in the late 1980s (Dumas, 2007). In the last 10 years it has begun to expand to the rest of the world. In Asia, the fastest growing and most dynamic economic region in the world (World Bank, 2013a), […] [Read More]

User Performance and Satisfaction of Tablet Physical Keyboards

Abstract This study presents an evaluation of user performance and satisfaction of three physical keyboards that accompany two popular tablet computers. All keyboards were dual purpose in that they served as tablet covers in addition to typing input devices. The keyboards varied in weight, thickness, and key travel. The thinnest keyboard featured durability and pressure-sensitive […] [Read More]

The Pervasiveness of Text Advertising Blindness

Abstract Users of websites tend to ignore text advertisements, especially when they are on the right side of a web page, even when the advertisements are useful for completing a task. This study explores the impact of web page layout conventions on text advertising blindness and how quickly users adapt to websites that violate layout […] [Read More]