Articles by Tracy Harwood, PhD

photo of Tracy HarwoodTracy Harwood is a Professor of Digital Culture at the Institute of Creative Technologies and director of the Usability Lab at De Montfort University, UK, and director of the Art AI Festival. Her work is transdisciplinary, crossing computer science, arts, design, health, and marketing disciplines. Current projects relate to the application of emerging technologies in business and consumer contexts, including AI, IoT, VR, and AR.

The Interplay Between Perceived Usability and Quality in Visual Design for Tablet Game Interfaces

Abstract Research in human-computer interaction (HCI) has shown inconsistencies in the relationship between users’ perception of usability and the quality of visual design in digital products. Research is lacking in the gaming domain for visual design in user interfaces on tablet screens. Despite extensive research on visual aesthetics and perceived usability, best practices offer limited […] [Read More]