Articles by Ravi Vatrapu

Ravi Vatrapu is an assistant professor at the Center for Applied ICT of the Copenhagen Business School. His research interests are in comparative informatics, computer-supported intercultural collaboration, computer-supported collaborative learning, and digital democracy. His current focus is on conducting theory-based empirical studies of socio-technical affordances and developing an empirically-informed theory of technological intersubjectivity. He holds a PhD in Communication and Information Sciences from the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

Intra- and Inter-Cultural Usability in Computer-Supported Collaboration

Abstract In this paper, we argue for an increased scope of universal design to encompass usability and accessibility for not only users with physical disabilities but also for users from different cultures. Towards this end, we present an empirical evaluation of cultural usability in computer-supported collaboration. The premise of this research is that perception and […] [Read More]

Culture and Usability Evaluation: The Effects of Culture in Structured Interviews

Abstract A major impediment in global user interface development is that there is inadequate empirical evidence for the effects of culture in the usability engineering methods used for developing these global user interfaces. This paper presents a controlled study investigating the effects of culture on the effectiveness of structured interviews in international usability evaluation. The experiment consisted of a usability […] [Read More]