Articles by Kraig Finstad

Kraig Finstad is a Senior Human Factors Engineer at Intel® Corporation and is interested in usability metrics and problem solving. Kraig received his Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology from the University of New Mexico.

Response Interpolation and Scale Sensitivity: Evidence Against 5-Point Scales

Abstract A series of usability tests was run on two enterprise software applications, followed by verbal administration of the System Usability Scale. The original instrument with its 5-point Likert items was presented, as well as an alternate version modified with 7-point Likert items. Participants in the 5-point scale condition were more likely than those presented […] [Read More]

The System Usability Scale and Non-Native English Speakers

Abstract The System Usability Scale (SUS) was administered verbally to native English and non-native English speakers for several internally deployed applications. It was found that a significant proportion of non-native English speakers failed to understand the word “cumbersome” in Item 8 of the SUS (that is, “I found the system to be very cumbersome to […] [Read More]