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Anna Pandolfo is a Researcher who has been working at the MIT Media Lab since 2000. Her work in human factors has ranged from the impact ergonomics in technologies such as voting machines, social interaction, and public policy. Anna earned a graduate degree in 1993 at Universidad Cato'lica Anores Bello, Caracas, Venezuela.

Reply to Comments on: “A Methodology for Testing Voting Systems”

We appreciate the authors (Quesenbery, Cugini, Chisnell, Killam, and Redish, in this issue) acknowledging the lack of research in the field of usability of voting systems. We hope that our early experiments guide people to push the work further, and to create experiments that are more efficient and are rich in useful data. 24.pdf […] [Read More]

A Methodology for Testing Voting Systems

Abstract This paper compares the relative merit in realistic versus lab style experiments for testing voting technology. By analyzing three voting experiments, we describe the value of realistic settings in showing the enormous challenges for voting process control and consistent voting experiences. The methodology developed for this type of experiment will help other researchers to […] [Read More]