Welcome Bill Albert

Dr. Bill Albert has joined the staff of the journal. While he has been on its editorial board since 2009, Bill and I will now manage the publication of JUS issues and the direction of the journal as joint Editors in Chief. Bill is Executive Director of the Design and Usability Center and Adjunct Professor […] [Read More]

Introduction to Volume 8, Issue 3

With this issue we begin a series of editorials and peer-reviewed articles on how user experience methods fit into an Agile development process. We are pleased to have an editorial by Diana DeMarco Brown, author of the 2012 book, Agile User Experience Design: A Practitioner’s Guide to Making It Work. She describes five myths about […] [Read More]

Five Agile UX Myths

Introduction As more and more user experience practitioners dip their toes into Agile waters, the practice of Agile user experience (UX) continues to evolve and mature. While researching my book on Agile UX (Agile User Experience Design: A Practitioner’s Guide to Making It Work), I talked with designers, developers, and consultants about their experiences with […] [Read More]

RITE+Krug: A Combination of Usability Test Methods for Agile Design

Abstract As user experience professionals, we often face objections that there is not enough time or resources to conduct usability testing during development. With the proliferation of Agile methods being used by development teams to compress the software lifecycle, the focus on time becomes even more critical. To meet the challenges of Agile development, we […] [Read More]

Card Sort Analysis Best Practices

Abstract Information architecture is the practice of effectively organizing, structuring, and labeling the content of a website or application into a structure that enables efficient navigation. Card sorting is a research method that employs users’ input to help derive an effective navigation structure. Whether a card sorting study is conducted using manual methods and tools, […] [Read More]