All February 2016: Volume 11, Issue 2 articles

Introduction to Volume 11, Issue 2, February 2016

It is with great pleasure that I welcome Jim Lewis as the new Co-editor in Chief of the Journal of Usability Studies. Jim comes to JUS with an amazing breadth of experience in usability and user experience research. Currently, Jim is a Senior Human Factors Engineer at IBM, where he has worked since 1981. Jim […] [Read More]

Making Meaningful Things Together: Working Towards a Mature Business

Sometimes people create conflicts during a project that only serve to get in the way of making meaningful things together. Or in other words, unnecessary and petty battles make work not fun and not productive. But why would people create such conflict? Perhaps a project was plagued by one, all, or some of the following […] [Read More]

Cross-Cultural Differences in Automotive HMI Design: A Comparative Study Between UK and Indian Users’ Design Preferences

Abstract This paper presents a research study examining the importance of understanding automotive users’ cultural values and their individual preferences for human machine interface (HMI) design features and functionalities. The goal of this research was to explore how a cultural model can be applied in the development of automotive HMI solutions and future design localization. […] [Read More]

User-Centered Design Method for the Design of Assistive Switch Devices to Improve User Experience, Accessibility, and Independence

Abstract Despite an increasing awareness of user-centered design (UCD), there is limited discussion of how such approaches can be translated into the resource and time constrained environments of medical engineering departments; yet, much of the work in such environments involves the prescription and tailoring of equipment for an individual. This article explores the suitability of […] [Read More]