Articles by Shazeeye Kirmani

Ms. Kirmani received an MS in Human Computer Interaction at SUNY, Buffalo and has been enjoying her last 6+ years at Quotient watching people shopping and helping them save.

Designing with Personas

Abstract Understanding users is crucial to designing delightful experiences for them. This paper provides a case study on how we gained a better understanding of our users before we redesigned Quotient’s (formerly Coupons Inc.) user experience. Before identifying personas at Quotient (, we never truly explored the behaviors and needs of our consumers other than […] [Read More]

Heuristic Evaluation Quality Score (HEQS): Defining Heuristic Expertise

Abstract This paper identifies the factors affecting heuristic expertise and defines levels of expertise permissible to conduct an evaluation. It aims to standardize skills or define heuristic expertise worldwide and also suggests ways to improve issue categorization. An online heuristic evaluation competition was hosted on the World Usability Day website in November 2007 by Usability […] [Read More]

Heuristic Evaluation Quality Score (HEQS): A Measure of Heuristic Evaluation Skills

Abstract Heuristic Evaluation is a discount usability engineering method involving three or more evaluators who evaluate the compliance of an interface based on a set of heuristics. Because the quality of the evaluation is highly dependent on their skills, it is critical to measure these skills to ensure evaluations are of a certain standard. This […] [Read More]