Articles by Elizabeth Rosenzweig

Elizabeth Rosenzweig is currently the Director of
World Usability Day and Principal at Bubble Mountain
Consulting, where she works with companies and
organizations on user-centered design solutions to
research and develop technology projects, including the
Voting Technology Project at MIT. From 1991 through
May 2005, Elizabeth was a Principal Research Scientist
at Eastman Kodak Company, where she built the
Boston Usability Lab—a usability-engineering center of
expertise—at the Kodak Boston Software Development
Center in Lowell, Massachusetts. In addition to creating
and running the Lab, she was instrumental in defining,
and putting online, standards for graphical user
interface design that are in use throughout Kodak.
Elizabeth has been involved with the Usability
Professionals’ Association, serving on the Board of
directors since 1999, most recently as Past President of
UPA and current Co-Director of Outreach on the Board
of Directors. With 20 years of industry experience,
Elizabeth frequently presents at national conferences
and has been a contributor to professional journals
among them interactions.

Reply to Comments on: “A Methodology for Testing Voting Systems”

We appreciate the authors (Quesenbery, Cugini, Chisnell, Killam, and Redish, in this issue) acknowledging the lack of research in the field of usability of voting systems. We hope that our early experiments guide people to push the work further, and to create experiments that are more efficient and are rich in useful data. 24.pdf […] [Read More阅读详情자세히 읽기Leia mais続きを読むLeer más]

A Methodology for Testing Voting Systems

Abstract This paper compares the relative merit in realistic versus lab style experiments for testing voting technology. By analyzing three voting experiments, we describe the value of realistic settings in showing the enormous challenges for voting process control and consistent voting experiences. The methodology developed for this type of experiment will help other researchers to […] [Read More阅读详情자세히 읽기Leia mais続きを読むLeer más]

World Usability Day: A Challenge for Everyone

Introduction Every citizen on our planet deserves the right to usable products and services. It is time we reframe our work and look at a bigger global picture. The time is right, the interest is here. ‘User friendly’ is a common and understandable term; people understand that the world should work well. Now, we have […] [Read More阅读详情자세히 읽기Leia mais続きを読むLeer más]