Introduction to Volume 3, Issue 2

Welcome to the second issue of volume 3 of JUS! It seems that the field of usability has been around long enough for us to construct some historical perspectives and reflect on the evolvement and future of the field. In her invited essay, Effie Law takes us on such a journey which she titled: “A […] [Read More]

A Voyage to Maturing Usability

Abstract In this article, the chief editor of the recently published book Maturing Usability: Quality in Software, Interaction and Value reports her experiences, from the very beginning when the book project was conceived to the time when the book was delivered. The two-year process was marked with different problems. It required trust, optimism, patience, and […] [Read More]

A low-cost test environment for usability studies of head-mounted virtual reality systems

Abstract There is a need to develop new usability testing environments and methodologies for unconventional interactive systems. Pursuant to that need, we developed a low-cost test environment for a Head-Mounted Display (HMD)-based, virtual reality system called Osmose. Osmose was difficult to test for many reasons, one of which was its style of interaction. We began […] [Read More]

How may I help you? An ethnographic view of contact-center HCI

Abstract This study used an applied ethnographic research method to investigate human-computer interaction (HCI) between call center agents and agent-facing software in the context of contact-center culture. Twenty semi-structured interviews were completed, along with non-participant observation at two contact centers, one that followed a user-centered design (UCD) process for software development and another that did […] [Read More]

A new approach to analyse human-mobile computer interaction

Abstract This paper describes a tool for log file recording and a method for quickly and easily analysing human-computer interaction with mobile devices. The tool logs screenshots and quantitative interaction data, such as number of clicks and timestamps. The analysing tool provides the ability to evaluate the interaction sequences and to export an MS Excel®-sheet […] [Read More]