Articles by Howard Kiewe

Howard Kiewe
has been a user-experience
consultant since 1999 and
provides user research and
design services to companies in
Canada, the U.S., Europe, and
He is also a human factors
research associate at McGill
University’s Centre for Intelligent
Machines, where he recently
developed the UI for a teleoperated
video camera designed
to be submerged at the floor of
the Pacific Ocean and remotely
controlled over the Internet.

How may I help you? An ethnographic view of contact-center HCI

Abstract This study used an applied ethnographic research method to investigate human-computer interaction (HCI) between call center agents and agent-facing software in the context of contact-center culture. Twenty semi-structured interviews were completed, along with non-participant observation at two contact centers, one that followed a user-centered design (UCD) process for software development and another that did […] [Read More]