Articles by Avi Parush

Avi Parush is an associate professor in the Industrial Management and Engineering Faculty, The Technion, Israel, and a full professor on leave from Carleton University, Ottawa. He is also an adjunct professor in Queen’s University, Kingston, Canada. With an academic background in cognitive experimental psychology (PhD, 1984, McGill University, Montreal, Canada), his areas of expertise are human factors engineering, human computer interaction, and usability engineering. His research areas have included patient safety, driving safety, human error and spatial cognition. He has adapted and developed analysis and design techniques and innovative approaches in human factors, HCI and usability. His current research focuses on teamwork in complex and critical situations, human factors in healthcare, and conventional and simulation-based training with a focus on team training. He is the emeritus founding Editor in Chief of the Journal of Usability Studies, and is currently on the editorial board of the Human Factors journal.

JUS – A Five Year Retrospective, a Remaining Challenge, and Thanks

I recall a conversation that took place about six years ago with Whitney Quesenbery, then the president of UPA, when I suggested that there should be a journal for publishing findings of usability studies. Whitney was fast to challenge me to take it on and become the editor of such a publication with the sponsorship […] [Read More]

Introduction to Volume 5, Issue 4

Welcome to the fourth issue of volume 5 of JUS! We are closing volume 5 with this special issue devoted to Universal Design and Information and Communications Technology. For this special issue we have three guest editors: André Liem, Sarah Swierenga, and Rama Gheerawo. The background and motivation for this special issue, along with a […] [Read More]

Introduction to Volume 5, Issue 3

Welcome to the third issue of volume 5 of JUS! First and foremost, we are delighted to announce the appointment of Joe Dumas as co-editor-in-chief of JUS. Dumas is a leading pioneer in the usability field and has published the Practical Guide to Usability Testing and Moderating Usability Tests among other articles. He has been […] [Read More]

Introduction to Volume 5, Issue 2

Welcome to the second issue of volume 5 of JUS! Our invited editorial is written by Daryle Gardner-Bonneau, one of the more experienced and respected professionals in the general area of humans and technology. In her editorial titled: “Is Technology Becoming More Usable—or Less—and With What Consequences?” she is raising a familiar but still difficult […] [Read More]

Introduction to Volume 5, Issue 1

Welcome to the first issue of volume 5 of JUS! This issue marks the beginning of the fifth year since JUS was founded. Many in the usability discipline agree that we need to evolve into a more scientific discipline rather than anecdote-based. Susan Dray, in her invited editorial:” Engaged Scholars, Thoughtful Practitioners: The Interdependence of […] [Read More]

Introduction to Volume 4, Issue 4

Welcome to the fourth issue of volume 4 of JUS! Based on the premise of the eye-mind hypothesis which states that people look at the objects they are attending to and process cognitively, tracking eye movements in usability testing has been around for over a decade. However, it is still a challenge to define and […] [Read More]

Introduction to Volume 4, Issue 3

Welcome to the third issue of volume 4 of JUS! The usability practice is still struggling, every day, with basic questions of what and where and how and why… Each of us has our own practices and unique expertise and experiences. Are there ways to arrive at shareable, common knowledge and practices? Usability standards can […] [Read More]