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In this issue, we feature two peer-reviewed articles. Libby Kumin and her colleagues evaluated the ability of adults with Down syndrome to perform tasks with an iPad. Previous studies have shown that adults with Down syndrome can successfully control a cursor with a mouse. But the iPad presents the challenge of a touch screen, an on-screen keyboard, and multi-touch finger movements. The results showed that the participants were able to complete office-related tasks successfully, which should enhance their prospects for obtaining employment requiring them to operate computers with touch screens.

Rajinesh Ravendran and his colleagues conducted a comparison of a tag-based online banking interface with a more traditional one. The Australian participants attempted tasks with the interfaces in both desktop and mobile environments. The results showed that the participants preferred the tag-based interface especially in the mobile environment, though there was no difference in performance measures. The authors conclude that a tag-based interface may stimulate the adoption of mobile online banking.