All November 2012: Volume 8, Issue 1 articles

Introduction to Volume 8, Issue 1

With this issue, we start the eighth year of JUS. We thought it was time to look back over the first seven years to see if we are meeting the objectives that UXPA established for the journal. We examined the 77 papers that were published between November 2005 and February 2012. We looked at where […] [Read More]

The First Seven Years of the JUS

It has been seven years since UXPA and our founding editor-in-chief, Avi Parush, published the first issue of the Journal of Usability Studies (JUS). We felt that it was time to look back at the almost 80 peer-reviewed papers that have been published to see what we could learn about how to characterize JUS. The […] [Read More]

Stick to the Knitting

Hollywood—that seller of dreams—has filled our heads with an American-exceptionalism-esque belief that we are entitled, even obligated, to strive and ultimately triumph when we are clearly outmanned, outgunned, and outclassed. Melanie Griffith lands her dream job in Working Girl. The Pretty Woman is rescued by a (metaphorical) knight on a white horse. The nerds of […] [Read More]

Reverse Engineering of Content to Find Usability Problems: A Healthcare Case Study

Abstract For tools that involve the creation of an artifact or document, reverse engineering potentially provides an interesting alternative to task-based usability testing. In this case study, participants were shown an artifact and asked to recreate it using a software tool. Would the reverse engineering testing method be as successful as traditional task-based methods in […] [Read More]