All May 2023: Volume 18, Issue 3 articles

Introduction to Volume 18, Issue 3

Our May 2023 essay is “We Need to Talk About How We Talk About Accessibility” by Sarah Horton and Erin Lauridsen. Consistent with recent concerns in the UX community about how word choice can have unintentional negative effects on marginalized populations, they present examples of how this can be problematic and strategies for providing better […] [Read More]

We Need to Talk About How We Talk About Accessibility

Introduction Words matter. Despite their inadequacies, words are our best means of expression. Because we are not born with words, we learn language as a means to translate our innate selves into something comprehensible to ourselves and others. You could say language is like a two-way mirror, projecting and reflecting our identity. Our facility with […] [Read More]

Talking About Thinking Aloud: Perspectives from Interactive Think-Aloud Practitioners

Note: This article received comments from the community. Read the commentary here, the response from the authors here, and the response from the editors here. Abstract It is widely reported in the literature that intervening during usability testing sessions affects user behavior and compromises the validity of the test. However, this contrasts with the ongoing […] [Read More]

UX in E-government Services for Citizens: A Systematic Literature Review

Abstract The importance of user experience for the design, development, and deployment of software products has increased significantly, motivating governments to focus on user experience when designinge-government services. We evaluated the user experience of e-government services from citizens’ perspectives by focusing on citizens’ characteristics and social aspects, which significantly affect their experience with technology. Therefore, […] [Read More]