All May 2019: Volume 14, Issue 3 articles

Introduction to the Special Issue: Nigel Bevan—An Appreciation

Introduction We see this Special Issue, dedicated to the memory of Dr. Nigel Bevan, as having four purposes. One is that it will provide a lasting legacy for Nigel as an outstanding scientist and one of the kindest, most humane human beings either of us have ever met. He was the most thorough scientist one […] [Read More]

Nigel Bevan: An Overview of His Contributions to Usability and UX

Abstract This paper outlines some of the most important of Nigel Bevan’s many contributions to the evolution of the changing concept of usability and in particular to Nigel’s input into, and leadership of, the development of usability-related international standards. It traces the concept of usability from the very early days when the focus of human-computer […] [Read More]

A Personal Tribute to Nigel Bevan

Abstract As the title says, this is a personal tribute to the unique Nigel Bevan focusing on his role as project editor of the highly influential, original International Standard on usability ISO 9241–Part 11: Usability: Definitions and Concepts published in 1998. Keywords Nigel Bevan, usability concepts, usability design, Usability Standards, ISO 9241 Introduction Although I […] [Read More]

Nigel Bevan’s Broad and Strategic Contribution to International Standards

Abstract A personal memorial to Nigel Bevan’s work in standardization, usability, and ISO standards for UX and for usability professionals. Standards themselves are created to provide requirements, specifications, guidelines, or characteristics that can be used consistently to ensure that materials, products, processes, and services are fit for their purpose. Knowing the context of use enables […] [Read More]

Working on International Standards with Nigel Bevan: In Fond Remembrance

Abstract This article summarizes what it was like to work on standards with Nigel Bevan in two working groups of ISO/TC159. I hope it gives those who never had an opportunity to work with Nigel some idea of the contributions he made and some of the reasons he was such an important guiding force in […] [Read More]

Nigel Bevan and Concepts of Usability, UX, and Satisfaction

Abstract Through the standardization of ISO 13407:1999, I became acquainted with Nigel Bevan at ISO TC159/SC4/WG6 meetings. During those meetings and at various conferences (including UPA, now UXPA, and HCI International), we discussed the concept of satisfaction, usability, and later, UX. The model of quality characteristics that I proposed in 2015 (Figure 1) had become […] [Read More]

Nigel Bevan’s Impact on Enlightenment of UX Practice in China

Abstract This article tells a story that reveals 20 years of friendship and collaboration between Nigel and the author in the backdrop of the early enlightenment of usability engineering in China. Nigel’s contributions to the now thriving UX practice in this important part of the world are highlighted in this article as well. Keywords Nigel […] [Read More]