Articles by Zhengjie Liu

Professor Liu works at Dalian Maritime University, China. He has been working in HCI since 1989 and founded the Sino-European Usability Center in 2000. His area of experience is user experience design. He is awardee of ACM SIGCHI Lifetime Service Award (2017) and IFIP TC13 Pioneers Award (2013).

Nigel Bevan’s Impact on Enlightenment of UX Practice in China

Abstract This article tells a story that reveals 20 years of friendship and collaboration between Nigel and the author in the backdrop of the early enlightenment of usability engineering in China. Nigel’s contributions to the now thriving UX practice in this important part of the world are highlighted in this article as well. Keywords Nigel […] [Read More]

User Experience in Asia

Why User Experience in Asia? The User Experience (UX) profession originated in North America and Western Europe in the late 1980s (Dumas, 2007). In the last 10 years it has begun to expand to the rest of the world. In Asia, the fastest growing and most dynamic economic region in the world (World Bank, 2013a), […] [Read More]