All May 2019: Volume 14, Issue 3 articles

Nigel Bevan and Concepts of Usability, UX, and Satisfaction

Abstract Through the standardization of ISO 13407:1999, I became acquainted with Nigel Bevan at ISO TC159/SC4/WG6 meetings. During those meetings and at various conferences (including UPA, now UXPA, and HCI International), we discussed the concept of satisfaction, usability, and later, UX. The model of quality characteristics that I proposed in 2015 (Figure 1) had become […] [Read More]

Nigel Bevan’s Impact on Enlightenment of UX Practice in China

Abstract This article tells a story that reveals 20 years of friendship and collaboration between Nigel and the author in the backdrop of the early enlightenment of usability engineering in China. Nigel’s contributions to the now thriving UX practice in this important part of the world are highlighted in this article as well. Keywords Nigel […] [Read More]

Remembering Nigel Bevan

Abstract In Nigel Bevan’s unexpected death, the UX community lost a friend, colleague, and tireless advocate for the formalization of global UX standards. This personal and professional remembrance provides an overview of Nigel’s career, his uniquely significant contributions to ISO and other UX standards, his contributions as a UPA / UXPA advisory board member, and […] [Read More]