Articles by Whitney Quesenbery

Whitney Quesenbery is a user
interface designer, design process
consultant, and usability specialist
with a passion for clear
communication. As the principal
consultant for Whitney Interactive
Design, she works on projects for
large and small companies around the world.
Previously, she was a principal at Cognetics
Corporation. Whitney co-chaired the 6th NIST IUSR
Formative Testing Workshop and is chairperson of the
IUSR working group on formative testing. She is
President of the Usability Professionals’ Association
(UPA), a past-manager of the STC Usability SIG, and
Director of Usability and Accessibility for Design for
Democracy (a project of UPA and AIGA).

Comments on: “A Methodology for Testing Voting Systems” published in JUS, Volume 2, Issue 1

In the article, “A Methodology for Testing Voting Systems” (JUS, November 2006, pp7-21), Selker, Rosenzweig, and Pandolfo discuss their methodology for usability testing of voting systems. With so much at stake in the usability of our ballots and voting systems, we can only applaud any research in this field. There is little history of research in […] [Read More]

Towards the Design of Effective Formative Test Reports

Abstract Many usability practitioners conduct most of their usability evaluations to improve a product during its design and development. We call these “formative” evaluations to distinguish them from “summative” (validation) usability tests at the end of development. A standard for reporting summative usability test results has been adopted by international standards organizations. But that standard […] [Read More]