Articles by Pascal Wurtz

Pascal Wurtz (MSc) studied general and occupational psychology at the University of Bern. He specialized in the study of human attention and behaviour at the Perception and Eye Movement Laboratory at the University Hospital in Bern. He joined the IFeL research team in 2009.

The Effects of Touch Screen Technology on the Usability of E-Reading Devices

Abstract Although reading is the main function of electronic reading devices (e-readers), previous studies demonstrated that a critical factor for perceived legibility is the usability of the device. If users have problems with the handling of a device, they will not like using the device for reading. Therefore, easy handling is a critical factor for […] [Read More]

Improving the Usability of E-Book Readers

Abstract The use of e-book readers (e-readers or electronic-readers) has become increasingly widespread. An e-reader should meet two important requirements: adequate legibility and good usability. In our study, we investigated these two requirements of e-reader design. Within the framework of a multifunctional approach, we combined eye tracking with other usability testing methods. We tested five […] [Read More]