Articles by Pam Mayhew

Dr. Mayhew is a senior lecturer in the School of Computer Sciences at the University of East Anglia in Norwich, UK. She is interested in factors that affect the success of systems in general, and in usability issues and testing in particular. She supervises a number of PhD students in the area of usability.

Eye Tracking in Retrospective Think-Aloud Usability Testing: Is There Added Value?

Abstract Eye tracking is the process of recording users’ eye movements while they are looking at the location of an object. In usability testing, this technique is commonly used in combination with think-aloud protocols. This paper presents an experimental study involving 24 participants; with the aim of comparing two variants of retrospective think-aloud (RTA) methods, […] [Read More阅读详情자세히 읽기Leia mais続きを読むLeer más]

To Intervene or Not to Intervene: An Investigation of Three Think-Aloud Protocols in Usability Testing

Abstract This paper presents the results of a study investigating the use of three think-aloud methods in website usability testing: the concurrent think-aloud, the speech-communication, and the active intervention methods. These three methods were compared through an evaluation of a library website, which involved four points of comparison: overall task performance, test participants’ experiences, the […] [Read More阅读详情자세히 읽기Leia mais続きを読むLeer más]