Articles by Mikki H. Phan

author photoDr. Phan received her PhD in human factors psychology from Wichita State University in 2015, where she led the design and development of the original Game User Experience Satisfaction Scale (GUESS). Currently, she works in the Google smart-home hardware division and leads a team in supporting UX research needs.

Validation of the GUESS-18: A Short Version of the Game User Experience Satisfaction Scale (GUESS)

Abstract The Game User Experience Satisfaction Scale (GUESS) is a 55-item tool assessing nine constructs describing video game satisfaction. While the development of the GUESS followed best practices and resulted in a versatile, comprehensive tool for assessing video game user experience, responding to 55 items can be cumbersome in situations where repeated assessments are necessary. […] [Read More]

User Performance and Satisfaction of Tablet Physical Keyboards

Abstract This study presents an evaluation of user performance and satisfaction of three physical keyboards that accompany two popular tablet computers. All keyboards were dual purpose in that they served as tablet covers in addition to typing input devices. The keyboards varied in weight, thickness, and key travel. The thinnest keyboard featured durability and pressure-sensitive […] [Read More]