Articles by Jared Spool

Jared Spool has built User
Interface Engineering into the
largest research organization of
its kind in the world. He’s been
working in the field of usability
and design since 1978, before
the term “usability” was ever
associated with computers.
Jared spends his time working with the research teams
at the company, helps clients understand how to solve
their design problems, explains to reporters and
industry analysts what the current state of design is all
about, and is a top-rated speaker at more than 20
conferences every year. He is also the conference chair
and keynote speaker at the annual User Interface
Conference, is on the faculty of the Tufts University
Gordon Institute, and manages to squeeze in a fair
amount of writing time.

Surviving Our Success: Three Radical Recommendations

The world of usability practitioners is undergoing massive changes. I know because I read it in the New York Times. Executive Attention On July 19, 2007, the New York Times ran a story about eBay, reporting how profits are up 50%, yet the number of listings on the auction site fell 6% and the number […] [Read More]