Articles by Evan M. Palmer

Evan M PalmerDr. Palmer has a PhD in Cognitive Psychology from UCLA and is an Assistant Professor of Psychology at Wichita State University. He heads the Laboratory of Applied Visual Attention (LAVA), and his research examines how modern technologies are changing peoples’ attention and perception skills.

Text Advertising Blindness: The New Banner Blindness?

Abstract Banner blindness, the phenomenon of website users actively ignoring web banners, was first reported in the late 1990s. This study expands the banner blindness concept to text advertising blindness and examines the effects of search type and advertisement location on the degree of blindness. Performance and eye-tracking analyses show that users tend to miss […] [Read More]

The Pervasiveness of Text Advertising Blindness

Abstract Users of websites tend to ignore text advertisements, especially when they are on the right side of a web page, even when the advertisements are useful for completing a task. This study explores the impact of web page layout conventions on text advertising blindness and how quickly users adapt to websites that violate layout […] [Read More]