Articles by Doug Gillan

Dr. Gillan is Professor and Head of the Psychology Department at North Carolina State University. He has worked both in industry and academia on issues related to information visualization, human-computer interaction, human-robot interaction, and the relation between basic and applied science.

Introduction to the Special Student Issue

The lifeblood of any discipline is its students. Because they are acquiring the knowledge of the discipline for the first time, they add new perspectives and provide their own contexts. They also bring a sense of enthusiasm and even joy to their work. Because our field focuses on the nexus between humans and technology, and […] [Read More]

The Tortoise and the (Soft)ware: Moore’s Law, Amdahl’s Law, and Performance Trends for Human-Machine Systems

Abstract Human interaction with computing and communication systems involves a mix of parallel and serial processing by the human-computer system. Moore’s Law provides an illustration of the fact that the performance of the digital components of any human-computer system has improved rapidly. But what of the performance of those human components? While we humans are […] [Read More]