Articles by Constantinos K. Coursaris, Ph.D

Constantinos is an Assistant Professor in Telecommunication, Information Studies, and Media, and the Usability and Accessibility Center at Michigan State University. Constantinos has received many accolades in e-Business analysis. He has been consulted on Web-related development, content management, usability, and marketing. Constantinos is currently studying the importance of aesthetics for usability.

A Meta-Analytical Review of Empirical Mobile Usability Studies

Abstract In this paper we present an adapted usability evaluation framework to the context of a mobile computing environment. Using this framework, we conducted a qualitative meta-analytical review of more than 100 empirical mobile usability studies. The results of the qualitative review include (a) the contextual factors studied; (b) the core and peripheral usability dimensions […] [Read More]

An Empirical Investigation of Color Temperature and Gender Effects on Web Aesthetics

Abstract Limited research exists on the relevance of hedonic dimensions of human-computer interaction to usability, with only a small set of this research being empirical in nature. Furthermore, previous research has obtained mixed support for gender differences regarding perceptions of attractiveness and usability in Web site design. This empirical research addresses the above gap by […] [Read More]